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The Office Move

Posted on the 18 July 2013 by Missliabilities
When I first started with my company, I was made a lot of false promises. Some eventually came to fruition after I expressed my desire to everyone I met again and again and again. Others did not. One of the biggest ones, the main reason I accepted the job offer in the first place, was that the HR manager told me the office was likely moving to Mori's part of town by the end of 2013. BAH. Her likely meant '.01% chance' likely. The company had hopes they could break their lease, but had no luck and here we are nearly a year after I started and they aren't planning on moving for two more years.
It stinks. I don't like working in the suburbs or working with the type of people the suburbs attract. It is good for some, like moms who want to bring their kids in, or people close to retirement that want something less stressful. But for me? I want a building I can be proud of when I walk through those double doors. Something bright, shiny, and flickering with energy from the workers.
Since Monday the fire alarm has been broken so it's BUZZZZZING all the time. That's what I walk into every day, a potential death trap. The stained carpet, the walls that haven't been painted since the 90s, and furniture that looks like they got it from a doctor's office. I won't take the elevator because it's certification expired in April. A girl who broke her leg and works on the third floor has to have help taking the stairs because she refuses to get into an elevator without updated certification. Ridiculous.
And one microwave for over a hundred people? Can you imagine the kind of wait times we have at 1pm?
The great thing about this experience is that it made me realize this is the kind of work environment I don't want to have. I always had new shiny digs for my other jobs - I didn't even take note of my surroundings during this job interview because I believed they were temporary. Now I'm much wiser.
So here's the thing: tons of rumors are circulating saying that in a few months they will announce where this office is relocating to give people a head start on planning their long term job situation. If it's close to where Mori and I live, I will likely sweat it out till I pay off the wedding and my school indentured servitude and then see if it's worth my time. This option is probably not going to happen, like 80% of the company wants to stay in the same terrible area. If they announce it's further than my 45-50 minute one way commute - SEE YA, NEVER WANNA BE ONE O' YA!
Or maybe I'll peace out right after the wedding. Just put my two weeks notice in the day I'm back from the honeymoon. A girl can dream.

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