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The Rents Are Coming

Posted on the 21 March 2013 by Missliabilities
3.5 more weeks till I can shut up about taxes! M has 2 weeks left of class before cracking down on the board books and cleaning the house for his family. Yes, they are coming. Yes, they are staying with us. No, I will not be seeing them at all during my 65 hour work week or caring whether I wake them up when I leave at 7am. Yes, I'll be heavily drinking that week.
In wayyy happier news, I feel so busy with weddings, showers, concerts, and beach trips this summer. I wrote it all down on a calendar for M so he could keep track of my whereabouts. I know he'll be busy with rotations so I've loaded myself up with activities to keep me distracted by his absence. Four hours apart for two months are going to blast by!

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