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The Tale of Two Panera Breads

Posted on the 29 April 2013 by Missliabilities
Panera Bread needs to take my family's story and start advertising with it: "Panera, giving dysfunctional families the opportunity to avoid one another in uncomfortable situations."
This magical place became especially helpful this weekend when my brother graduated college and my dad and I were in the same city at the same time. My mom, sister, and I were scheduled to meet Brother at Panera around 11am, but I arrived early. I found a Panera and parked in the lot ready to grab coffee. Then I called Brother to inform him of my whereabouts and he's like "No Elle, Dad's in that one! Go to the Panera up a couple blocks!" Apparently Brother had scheduled pictures with my dad from 10:30-11am at Panera #1, and pictures with me at 11am-12pm at Panera #2. He's a busy juggler. Sure enough, I look around the parking lot and there's my dad's car sitting there.
I didn't end up running into him at all. All that anxiety for nothing! Unfortunately, I found out through my sister that old habits die hard and I don't think his shiny new marriage has escaped the repetitive pattern he is trapped in.
Lets recap. Wife #1 (my mom) born and raised in Pennsylvania, he relocates her to Texas where she has no support system. Wife #2 (my stepmom) born and raised in Texas, he relocates her to Pennsylvania where she has no support system. Almost-Wife #3 born and raised in California, he relocates her to D.C. where she has no support system. And now he's received a job offer in MINNESOTA and is thinking about moving there. If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck three times, it's definitely a duck.
Anyways.... happier things. This weekend I went on a trip to visit my girlfriend in State College Pennsylvania. State College is home to Penn State, a well known university to every Pennsylvanian since birth. It's tucked into the middle of nowhere with rolling hills and scores of bars on every street. It is the most wonderful place to be in the spring and summer months. Like a deserted island town filled with booze.
My girlfriend loves to bike around town and upon her suggestion we took to the streets on our wheels. I'm not big on riding bikes, I hate the butt pain from the uncomfortable seat and the strain of getting up hills. Hate, hate, hate. But the sprawling suburbs of State College were really nice to bike through, and very convenient! We went to the Arboretum and grabbed ice cream, discussing our men and life since I'd last seen her a year before. It gave me a much needed break after tax season and M a weekend solo to study for the board.
Time to go home and witness my boyfriend having a meltdown, 7 days.The Tale of Two Panera Breads

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