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‘The Vadakari Factory’ Turns 1- A Big Thank You!

Posted on the 04 November 2012 by Sajan

‘The Vadakari Factory’ turns 1- A Big Thank You!Exactly a year ago, I published my first post on ‘The Vadakari Factory’. Back then, my blog was called something else as it took me many weeks after that to even finalize the name. The idea to start a blog had always been with me. It however took a lot of self convincing over the years before I mustered the courage and conviction to jump into the blogosphere. The results have been an overwhelming and enlightening journey over the last 12 months. The excitement I feel every single time I publish a post is indescribable. As much as I’d love to proclaim that I am not bothered about the traffic that my blog generates, the amount of pride and happiness I experience whenever the statistics show a steep hike in viewership is truly awesome. After all, if there weren’t folks to read and appreciate, the written word would be rendered redundant. So on the Occasion of the first Anniversary of ‘The Vadakari Factory’, I would love to thank every single person who has ever viewed my blog (even inadvertently!) You have truly made my intense urge and passion to write worthwhile!Thank you.

Now, what next for ‘The Vadakari Factory’? What can you expect in the second year?
When I started this blog, the most important advice that everyone had for me was to find a focus- To choose a particular niche segment and blog about the same. So I thought long and hard as to what topic I should choose to blog about? Finally, I realized that the whole reason I wanted to blog in the first place was to write about anything that either makes people laugh or think (or sometimes both). So I consciously decided that my blog’s niche would simple be- ‘Laughter and Light’. The topic did not matter as long as I had something interesting and worthwhile to say. And the last 1 year has given me the results to show that people do appreciate Blogs that do not have ‘Focus’. It is with this confidence that I have decided to add one more category to my blog starting today- Apathy Hunter.

Apathy Hunter will dwell on the various challenges that India faces today in its difficult journey to being a super power. The people of India need to awaken and end their Apathy towards India’s problems and be part of the solutions. And the first step to being part of the Solution is to understand the problem and that is where I want to contribute with articles that highlight many of India’s problems and possible roads to solutions. Remember, a country’s problems cannot have solutions that are conceived by a single person or political party. The solutions are in each one of our hands- That is the beauty of democracy.

The Apathy Hunter will have no Humour. But ‘The Vadakari Factory’ will continue to have lots to laugh about. I sincerely hope you visit ‘The Apathy Hunter’ too though.

Thank you all.

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