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The Valley of Death

Posted on the 21 June 2012 by Nickmcdonald @W_W_O_Nick_McD
In Nevada there is a place called Death Valley, it's in the Mojave desert. That is where I am right now. The name fits, I don't see how anything could survive out here. It's just rocks, sand, and dead sagebrush. This is Area 51 country, I don't know where exactly it is but I think it's around here somewhere.
The tell tale sign that tells you that you are in Death Valley is the rows and rows and rows and rows of military bunkers that you drive by on your way through. I can't stress enough how fucking many of them there are, I mean like ten thousand wouldn't be a crazy guess, and that is only what I saw. All holding crates of ammunitions, guns, tanks, I don't even fucking know what else.
I'm not American as you know. I don't really even like any government, but I don't understand this, all of this crap is unnecessary!! It's 2012, everyone is packing nukes, there can't be another big war, it just can't happen, it will just be the ones between between developing nations. I know that is kind of a dumb thought, like they must have thought the exact same thing after WW1 but I really don't think it's possible, no leader of any major country would be able to gain enough support to start a war, not now, the powers that be wouldn't allow it.
I just hate the idea of war in general, I am not loyal to any country, I'm loyal to people. I would kill a bad person to save a good one I don't care what country either person is from, that is just who I am. I would not kill for any less.
That is all for now, I have to finish writing a fucking resume because I need a job now that school is over, I don't have any more excuses.
And a little update on how I'm doing, I'm fucking bored as shit. I don't know how I'm going to make it through the next couple days, I'm within 5 feet of my dad 24/7, I can't even sing, not to mention that all I have to do is study fucking chemistry, or look for jobs and talk on Facebook whenever this fucking internet comes back, we're in the middle of no where; I'll have to wait to send this. Oh and blog, I guess I can't forget that. But yeah, fucking bored, talk to me on Facebook or something people I'm dying.
Nick McDonald

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