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Thoughts from Tuesday... Missing My Little Friend...but Only a Little

Posted on the 23 March 2011 by Saratpierce
Sundays are always full days for me. They start with mass in the morning with Z followed by an afternoon-evening of dance, dance, dance. I love it! After dance is pretty basic with a long drive home and some snuggling with the hubs before bed. This past Sunday had a little unexpected adventure thrown into it.We got out of dance earlier than usual so on the way home I stopped at Zaxby's {yum} for some grub. I was waiting in the drive through post order and decided to pick up some of the junk strewn across the passenger side floor board. There was a napkin, a straw {clearly from a previous fast food stop. I'd be ashamed if I weren't 100% confident that I enjoyed whatever we stopped for} and a few pieces of paper that were torn from one place or another. As I leaned over the center console and picked up the straw, something moved away from my hand.Queue FREAK OUT moment!I jolted straight up and let out a slight gasp. My first thoughts were of a giant killer spider followed by a tornado of mythical creatures determined to keep me from getting home. In all honesty I had no idea what it was, and for all I knew it could have been nothing but my imagination but I caught my breathe and looked back down to see what kind of demon critter I would have to face for the rest of the ride home. There he was.Staring back at me. Thoughts from Tuesday... missing my little friend...but only a littleLITTLE LIZARD!We've seen these little guys all around our house. Last spring and summer they'd often be found around the front door, sunbathing on the doorstep and even the doorknob. So my thinking is that he stowed away in my car at some point that morning {or even the night before} and was just hanging out the whole day until I disturbed his little vacation with my OCD cleaning spree. Funny thing is that my life partner Andrea was sitting in the passenger seat of my car before dance eating lunch. I'm thankful that he didn't scurry across her foot mid conversation. That would have been fun.So, I kept an eye on him for the remainder of the drive home, more worried that he would come over to my side of the floorboard and get squished. Thoughts from Tuesday... missing my little friend...but only a littleOnce I got home it was time for a quick photo shoot where I snagged these shots followed by about 5 minutes of me trying to catch him and return him to the great outdoors. His attempts at avoiding my grasp took him on a path from the front passenger seat to the back passenger seat, over the median to the back driver's side and up to where my feet would have been if I weren't sprawled across the entire interior of my car. I finally cornered him up underneath the petals when he took a running start and an Evil Kenevil leap out the door. He was fine and scurried away to tell his lizard friends of his great adventure.I know many people aren't big reptile fans, but I think he's pretty darn cute. Getting into my car for the past two days I've scanned the floor to check if he stowed away again. Not seeing him there today made me kind of sad.What the hell is wrong with me?Until next time...Have you ever found any uninvited guests/critters in your car or home?

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