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TMI Alert: Mom, Dad… Plug Your Ears!

Posted on the 29 December 2013 by #hartchronicles @jewelsjaye

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TMI Alert: Mom, Dad… Plug Your Ears!

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I don’t know why I morph into a 5 year-old every time I grace the threshold of my parents’ (or grandparents’) house; but I do.

This poses a problem… A serious problem! I am home for the holidays (four days now) and my husband is– shall we say, frustrated, and barely making eye contact with me at this point! If we don’t leave soon, I could be in grave danger!

Confession: I am a grown woman; a month and a half shy of 2 years of marriage and I struggle with going past “2nd Base” with the hubs at my parents’ (or grandparents’) house. Do any other newlyweds or married couples struggle with this? It honestly gives me anxiety and my armpits start to sweat. Not that I haven’t, but if I had my way; I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t.– ever.

I was raised in a somewhat strict environment so the whole “sleeping with a man in my room, in my bed and everyone’s cool with it” thing kinda’ throws me for a loop. Even though the said man is my husband, it’s still a bit mind-boggling. Of course he’s perfectly fine with all of this, hence the aforementioned attitude, but I’m really battling emotions here.

After two months of marriage, the hubs and I made our first visit to my Southern Baptist grandparents as a married couple.  I nearly died when grandma did not prepare the spare bedroom for Larry (yes, I checked), nor did she mention it (yes, she’s always made an all-call announcement that the spare bedroom is ready during each and every visit). I literally freaked out, so much so that I wrote a sincere Facebook post right before bed and was completely mortified when my family and friends made fun of me and took the entire situation to another level! — I immediately regretted that decision. I digress.

So, here’s yet another, “Pull yourself together Juliet!” situation that I’m working through.  But, we’re all family here and I find that confession (and blogging) is freeing!  Keep me in your thoughts and prayers!


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