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To Change!

Posted on the 10 January 2015 by Penfriendly

To change!

Farewell pretty ladies.

Heels are not easy to wear. May be easy to wear but mostly dreadful to walk in.
So when you have to part with one of the most comfortable heels you have had, it is not easy.
Well, lets just say it's  a choice I made.
As I was packing to move to another city, I was confronted with the harsh reality of not being able to carry everything with me. (I am only talking about my shoes in this post).
The fact that over one and a half years, I had accumulated many just dawned on me as I pulled them out from under my cupboard, from the side of my room-mate's cupboard along with the ones scattered near my bed.
Then began the ruling out and the scavenging of every pair that I had.
Some I had recently bought, wanted to take them along.
Anyway, what I found out is that my favorite heels wouldn't last long, its sole had started wearing out. I spoke to the cobbler, he said it would last another 15-20 days with some patch work, another patch and it will last a few more days. As if the expiry was certain, all I could have was an extended company of these and there was no guarantee that after all those patches, it would be pleasurable the way it used to be. As if it was living on life support, and I was hoping for a miracle.
So I decided to completely pull out that worn out sole. They don't deserve to be dragged along the streets in patches for all the comfort they have brought to me. Their dignified journey should come to a peaceful, dignified end, not to mention there was one less thing to carry for me which is why it all started anyway.
I have reconciled with it and hopefully somewhere lying in a bag in waste bin of a grave, they will understand that there are many good things that I left behind in that city and they are one of them.

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