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Vlogs: Bumps Along the Way

Posted on the 22 August 2013 by Bvulcanius @BVulcanius

daily bumpsSince I’ve known we were going to try to get pregnant, I have been watching videos and vlogs on YouTube by people who were experiencing pregnancy. I can’t really tell you how exactly I found them, but one day I kind of stumbled upon Bryan and Missy Lanning’s channels Bumps Along the Way and Daily Bumps.

Now, they have quite a ‘bumpy’ history, if I may call it that, not losing one but two children due to miscarriage. They lost their first boy at 10 weeks, and their second boy at 20 weeks. After losing their second child, Missy started telling her story on YouTube causing other people who went through the same thing to comment and create a community.

Since Missy got pregnant for the third time, both Missy and Bryan started making daily vlogs on their channel Daily Bumps. As a viewer, you get to experience approximately 15 minutes of their day. These daily vlogs are really well done and they have lots of subscribers (almost 30,000!!!). On Missy’s channel, Bumps Along the Way (also almost 30,000 subscribers), she did weekly updates on her pregnancy and, now that their son Oliver is born, on being parents of a newborn.

What I really like about Bryan and Missy is that they show a good example of how you can overcome difficult experiences and I find it beautiful to watch how their hope kept on growing. I also like that they are first-time parents and would encounter the same kinds of problems we will be encountering when our baby is born. I’m learning a lot just from watching them!

Although I’m always behind one day (or so it feels, due to the time difference) I always look forward to 8 p.m., since I’m sure that there will be another Daily Bumps!


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