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Posted on the 20 July 2014 by Gray Eyed Athena @grayeyedowl

Sad. I can’t help but miss Joe. This isn’t about replacements or rebounds or forgetting. I just miss him. And he turned so mean, at the end. He intentionally hurt me verbally and emotionally. He sent back gifts we shared, our memories together. He wants to forget me. Forget us. We didn’t happen.

I might be in love with another, but that does not change the reality of the hole left in my heart. Joseph, I miss you. You selfish, spiteful, weak boy. I love you and miss you.

Just now leaving the second wedding to which you were invited this summer. They were both hard. Not because your name is there but your presence is not, but because marriage was what I wanted, with you. But no, you decided we were already married, “in your mind.” Couldn’t pull the trigger.

Fuck you.

I miss you with an ache that is unconsolable. Hate me, if you must. Forget me, if you must. Destroy the evidence of our love, if you must. Be the spiteful and cruel person you know how to be. We’re better off apart, right?

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