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Warrior Or Worrier?

Posted on the 26 September 2011 by Thefatalfemme @The_Fatal_Femme
If you haven't seen 'Warrior' yet then for God's sake go and see it!
It's brilliant.
I mean it.
I cannot put into words how amazing it is...
...oh alright then, here goes...
First of all, it's about the Ultimate Fighting Championship.
Not a fan of fighting? Well you're in luck! The film is shot and edited so cleverly that you do not actually see anything.
It's one of the few films that genuinely abides by its 12A certification. No blood, no gore, nothing!
It's pure bliss.
Perhaps that's a bit far. But I am squeamish.
As much as I love 'The Wrestler', for example, there are still some bits that I've never seen. Like the staple-gun incident. The sound effects sufficed.
But this is not your average 'Rocky' film. Nope! The acting from all the cast is tremendous and the relationships between the characters are not only solid and believable, but incredibly touching and moving.
I roared with tears at the end.
It was one of those moments where I really should've held back. Being in a cinema and all. But I didn't care. I really didn't. I'd already cheered and clapped at the victorious fight scenes - why not go the whole hog and blub too? Tom Hardy was crying. Joel Edgerton was crying. Why can't I?
It was a nice release.
I've been a bit of a warrior lately. Sorry - worrier.
I'm not sure why...
I keep waking up at nighttime worrying about silly things, like, "What if my phone charger sets on fire?" and "When is that satellite going to hit earth?"
Ridiculous isn't it?
My boyfriend tells me to relax and stop thinking... so I lie there thinking "Relax and stop thinking". A vicious cycle.
I wonder if Tom Hardy or Joel Edgerton are worriers. They certainly needn't be. Hardy naturally excelled himself again and Edgerton showed himself to be quite the thespian.
They must be worriers. As well as warriors.
I'm sure everyone loses sleep every now and then.
I've found a lovely blog if you need a boost on a bad day... or night... Mirror of my World
We can't all be warriors.
Watch this space...

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