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Welcome to My Home

Posted on the 11 July 2012 by Brittany_tyd @Brittany_TYD
Have you heard of Dayspring? I've talked about it a few times before, and even reviewed an adorable apron (in)courage sent me last year as one of their (in)spired deals. Welcome to My Home
Their current collection, that I am absolutely in love with, is the Redeemed Collection. I have two items from it already, a makeup bag and a journal, that I won during the (in)RL meet up I attended in March. I've wanted to buy more but I am on a tight budget to go to The Influence Conference in October. 
So I was pretty excited yesterday when I got a package from fedex with two more items to add to my collection! I couldn't wait to check them out, and be inspired by God's Word in a way I wouldn't have expected, and definitely hadn't been utilizing until now.
I'd like to share the front of my home with you.
When you're standing at my front door. This is what you will see. That's my man, who built a gorgeous deck and planted a giant yard for me. This is him on the riding mower he got for free, but fixed all by himself, shaking his head thinking I bought ANOTHER thing online. That addiction is the topic of another post ;). Welcome to My Home
Now, thanks to Dayspring and (in)courage, you'll also be greeted by this inspiring word from the Lord.  I'd love to welcome you to step on my welcome mat and soak up God's grace and love. What a beautiful reminder for both our guests, and us! 
Welcome to My Home There are so many days when I need to stand on grace for myself, and stand on grace to extend it to those around me. 
Not only does the front door now invite and (in)courage those who stop by, so will the yard.  Despite the untimely demise of my entire garden in a freak, unexpected flash flood and wind storm, I'll be hanging this gorgeous flag in what will hopefully house my one-day-garden next year!  Welcome to My Home I love everything about this garden flag. It is thick, quality material that looks perfect for Small Town's crazy weather. It's a decent size, and the colors are vibrant. The reminder it holds is truly priceless.  My only problem? I don't have a flag pole! I will need to get on that asap.  If you like the mat or flag, or just want some gorgeous, inspirational home decor or cards, head on over to Dayspring. If you use promo code "JOY2012" you'll receive 25% off your order! The promo code isn't limited to the Redeemed Collection. 
Have you purchased anything from Dayspring? What did you think? Do you read (in)courage? You should! I receive their posts in my inbox every morning, and let me tell you, they literally rock my world. 
*I received both the doormat and the garden flag for free from (in)courage in exchange for an honest review. I received no other compensation. All of these opinions are true.*

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