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Wet Kitties!

Posted on the 17 July 2013 by Missliabilities
I have received essentially the same picture within the past week: my handsome topless Mori holding a drenched miserable cat. Both of our cats have very long soft fur that things get stuck in. Kira, my oldest, is pretty OCD about bathing and she sometimes can't get out those pesky dingleberries that don't want to let go. We brush or cut them out for her, try to keep her area trimmed, but she still needs a bath to make her squeaky clean.
Wet Kitties!Our newest addition, Sulu, doesn't give a crap if he's covered with literal crap. Mori came home yesterday to a shit-covered kitten trying to rip into a bag of cat food. So I got another picture of a wet pussy. It certainly doesn't help that Kira is taking vengeful shits bigger than Sulu in his own box. I think he tries to climb over them and gets covered in the process. We have tried to discourage her from using that box but whenever we turn our backs she's in there taking a dump.
Wet Kitties!Sigh.
And after the past four sleepless nights caused by a wailing kitten who loves to hear the sound of his own voice, Mori absolutely does not want children. "I meow therefore I am" is Sulu's thinking. If he isn't meowing constantly, he will cease to exist. Starbucks coffee is my only saving grace for this finals week.
Wet Kitties!
New blog is finally coming together. Just want to work on a few kinks and then we will be in business. Maybe I'll make the big reveal on Medical Mondays in a few weeks! Enjoy your hump day!

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