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What Color is This Dress?

Posted on the 02 March 2015 by Lizb12 @elizabethbrinks
Many of you probably noticed that this past weekend this image went viral:
What Color is this Dress? Unfortunately, this weekend was also the annual "End It" movement. And I doubt many if you knew about it. Granted some of you may have-and if you do, fabulous! You can stop reading. But if you didn't, this is for you.
Disclaimer: This will be a rant-post
The End-it movement's focus is to end modern slavery and sex trafficking. The movement also consists of those involved drawing/painting a red "X" on their arm/hand. This movement is so important, just as those movements in action during the Superbowl, which is also notorious for being an event during which sex-trafficking occurs. Yeah, it really is.So, this weekend-I got upset, more specifically, I raged. My friends: both Christian and secular, Celebrity and ordinary, adults and teenagers were all posting things about what color the dress was to them. To be completely transparent, I was too. But then one picture, in my Facebook feed, from one of my favorite artists: For King and Country, posted a picture of their red X's, and it reminded me what was really supposed to be going viral this weekend.
But you know what?
It didn't.
Because people got distracted, people got caught up in this funny, "civil War" over the different filters used on an article of clothing,changing how it was perceived to each individual. It was bullcrap. And you know talking about what color the dress really was is way more fun than talking about slavery, and sex trafficking. No one wants to talk about kids being raped. No one wants to talk about men and women being exploited. This is America, for goodness sakes. Such talk isn't for the public, or for dinner-table conversations. This is the Land of Liberty, and freedom! Slavery can't exist today. Slavery shouldn't exist today.
It shouldn't.
But it does.
And no offense to the Founding Fathers (although they would be really offended at the governmental structure, political parties, and our idea of a democracy...moving back to the point.), even they admitted that the Constitution wasn't perfect, but that it could be made better, that's why they chose to move forward with the Constitution, and that's why we still have it today. Since when did being "made better" become defined in the filter used on a dress going viral?
 It shouldn't be.
 But it is.
Sometimes we have to choose our fights, take a deep breath and back away from the ones we choose not to battle. Most of the time, I back away, because it's not worth the embarrassment.
But should anyone try and tell me that the dress thing this weekend was the funniest thing that happened this weekend, I will agree. I will agree that, while it may have been funny-were you aware that an anti-modern day slavery and sex trafficking movement had it's annual "End-It" day on Saturday? I know that's a pretty long response, to a simply statement, and people are always braver on the Internet. So, here's my food for thought-before you "like" something, amplifying it's ability to go viral, just ask yourself, "Is this actually important?", "Does everyone in America, (quite possibly the world), need to be made aware of this?".

That should be our, not just you, but me too;That should be our decision before we promote anything online and in real life.

This has been lihzbee,

Thanks for reading,
What Color is this Dress?

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