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What Good Does That Do?

Posted on the 30 January 2013 by Fizz @ThePoetsAlley
What Good Does That Do?I Love you,
More than I can ever hate you,
But what good does that do,
Cause you still are not by my side.
I thought I could get over you,
Move on away,
And search someone else,
But you somehow keep interrupting.
In all the guys that I meet,
I keep searching you in them,
And it’s not easy for me,
But I know you couldn’t care less.
I keep reliving the past,
And then gear up myself,
I don’t want you in my life,
I say, not now, not anymore.
But I realize,
That it’s easier said than done,
But this time I am going to try,
Harder than ever before.
~A Poem By Fizz

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