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What is Going On?

Posted on the 25 October 2012 by Thandi @sassymissy
I can’t believe this year is almost over! It’s so so unreal... It went by so fast. Right now it’s time to turn my mind back to studies. Since i finished high school last year, i took a gap year because i was too young to enter university and i kept busy volunteering in a non profit org & also doing children’s ministry in an orphanage around my neighbourhood. I even learned guitar!
What is going on?
What is going on?
What is going on?I really truly enjoyed my year free from books & homework (thought i did read like 8 novels!). This blog was actually created in this one year at my job side! I was just fiddling around on the internet after crunch time and somehow ended up on blogger...before then i knew absolutely nothing about blogs! I had never even read one. But i’v learned so much from the blogs i followed and finally got the hang of it.
To answer my “What’s Going on?” question which i trailed off from...
Change is going on. I applied to do medicine next year but i’m still waiting for my admission to be approved and time is running out! I did get accepted for dietetics though and some other courses in the medical field. So right now i’m just trying to shift my mind set to accept whatever i have to do, and start putting my gap year behind. I’m actually ending my volunteer ship next week! ...waow, feels like i started yesterday.
Well that’s what is going on in my crazy mind right now. I’m trying not to worry much about it though. I’ll be ok 
Can you all believe 2013 is almost here? Maybe i’m just too forward but u wont believe i’m singing my Christmas “wants” all over the house already! Haha
Can’t wait for December!!!...Something amazing is happening this dec! I’ll tell you all soon 

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