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What's in My Shower| Beauty

Posted on the 17 July 2014 by Gracem16 @TSITR_Gracie
Hey guys,
So this is a REALLY popular YouTube tag but I wanted to blog about it instead! I'm quite a nosy person and really like finding out what's in people's showers (that sounds weird) but here is what is in mine!
What's in my shower| Beauty
What's in my shower| Beauty
What's in my shower| Beauty
My bathroom is the darkest room in the house, again this doesn't sound creepy. I also like to be super organized in the shower but I share the house with five other people during term times so this is temporary. Boo! 
But top shelf I have Hair Care so here we have Timotei Pure, Alberto Balsam- Juicy Green Apple (the smells this emits, THE SMELLS), Ultimate Blends- The Revitalizing one and finally- Argan Oil - Hydrating Shampoo (really, really expensive but worth every penny). 
Bottom shelf I have Body Care, I am so original. my razor (who would have guessed) this is a sensitive blade I think by gillete- who knows, Visibly Clear- Daily Wash, I love- Strawberries & Cream (oh man this smells so yummy), Soap & Glory- Smoothie Star body lotion (this normally sits outside the shower but for picture purposes), Soap & Glory- Pulp Friction (again a really nice product, I've had it a while now!) 
So that's what I use to smell good! I'm so impressed with how clean and organized it all looks. Proud blogger right here. But I will be uploading a What I Use After the Shower soon. I am so original. It may be a sort of pampering thingy, we will see.
Take care. Love,

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