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What’s the Opposite of Cat Calling?

Posted on the 23 May 2019 by Monicasaidso @MonicaSaidSo__x
I’m going with “bitch mutter” I feel like that fits well.  

When I was wearing a sun dress and heels - Is she kidding?When I was wearing a skirt and thigh high socks - What a ridiculous look. When I wore heels to grab bread and milk - Who wears heels to Sainsbury’s?When I wore a cute skirt - that’s barely a skirtWhen I was a new mom in heels and size zero jeans - you’re a bad mother Random women on the internet - you’re the same size as my 12-year-oldLady in McDonald’s behind me to her daughter - you don’t have to dress like that to get boys attention 

Why do other women feel the need to vocalise their thoughts on me? Like think what you want, if you want to pollute your own mind with shitty thoughts be my fucking guest, lovely. Part of me wants to declare your hateful shit attitude internalised misogyny but to be honest I think you’re just a crappy person. Each time I hear some random fucking woman mutter some dumb fucking shit under her breath as she passes me I want to turn around and tell them to “fuck off” but I don’t because what’s the point? If you can’t even keep your own mouth shut, there’s not a chance in all of Hades’ underworld you’re about to listen to what comes out of my mouth. I wish you had the courage to say to my face but I know you mutter it because you’re feeling something negative, we only hide things that we know are wrong. You’re ashamed of what you just said out loud and that is why you do not say it directly. You mutter it under your breathe just loud enough for your friend to hear but oddly enough, I always hear it too. I’m usually stood close enough to be your friend, if I was facing the same way as you, linked arms and we were walking together somewhere, would you still say what you just had? Or would you keep your mouth shut? I am sick and tired of judgmental middle aged women who should know better after having been meat in society’s butchers shop for lustful eyes to gaze at and smack their lips; you’re the same women who told me “show a little skin” and asked if I was boiling when I used to dress conservatively, you’re the same kinds of women who told me that my religion/culture was too constricted and how you could never live like that. These young girls who are yet learn what it’s like to be in my position; to be in constant battle between wanting to just be fucking comfortable and having to mentally fend off shitheads. Then we have older women who should be paying closer attention to the pavement than my goddamn skirt because a fall at your age can be devastating; you judge me with more wild abandon than me eating Chinese in my pants, you tut at me with your dentures in and act like you’ve never done anything just for you. Well Maureen - FUCK OFF. Y’all are on some bullshit and I’m not here for it, you need to take up a new hobby called “MINDING YO DAMN MOTHER FUCKING BUSINESS BITCH”, it’s a fun as fuck hobby. I love it, me and all my mates are so into it. We all just go around minding our own business and complimenting/uplifting others when we get the chance. I don’t under the women who stare at me with daggers for eyes while your boyfriend or husband ogles me but only because you pointed me out. You confuse me the most. I could have all the eyes in the world on me and I would still take your disapproving scowl as delicious validation over all of them any day. There isn’t set of mens eyes on this planet that I’d rather have working up my legs more than I want you ladies to do so with that look of horror and disgust you so indignantly wear. Why is it when you see me it’s like a bull seeing red? It’s like I hit a bit of your brain that just tears through your rational thinking and makes you rage. I literally do nothing but exist and for some reason that means you can be hateful towards me. I didn’t even know you were on this planet until your eyes stared boring a hole into my cleavage. I felt eyes on me, eyes that felt different to the casual glance. This one has purpose and heat to it. We can always feel eyes on us, that gaze detection is just human. I can’t help feel you staring at me but you can do something about staring. Didn’t your mother ever tell you staring was rude? To be fair if she didn’t teach you that if you’ve nothing nice to say to say nothing at all, there’s fuck all chance she taught you not to stare. Go ask your momma why she raised a little twat. You must think that when I wake up in the morning I dress myself to catch the wandering eyes of men or to pander to the male gaze; that I want nothing more than to make men stare at me but really I dress so that I can catch myself in the reflection of a shop window and not hate what I see. It’s about me, I dress me for me. I wear cute skirts and fitted clothes because I look cute as fuck in them and I feel happy. I got tired of hiding in baggy, oversized shit. I am built like a warped bit of MDF but with a little help I can actually look okay. The funniest thing about it all is you’d be so surprised how much you judgmental women outweigh the men when it comes to noticing me. I’d happily say for every one guy that has cat called me, five different women have already cut me dirty looks and made comments. I get WAY more crappy comments of women than I do creepy comments off men and it shouldn’t be like that. While no one at all should be commenting on my person, women should fucking get it. I am your mothers, daughters, sisters, nieces, aunties, granddaughters. Do you not want to live in a world where they are free to live as they please? How can we expect men to respect us when we don’t even respect each other? How in the name of all things on this slowly dying earth can you open your fucking trap and talk shit about your fellow sisters in womanhood and think it’s okay? Do you hear what is falling out of your face hole?Also women with partners what exactly do you fucking think I’m going to do? Bewitch your partner into joining my army of worshippers? Bitch I can’t even get my own husband to worship me let alone yours. Fuck off. If you take into consideration that I am very, VeRy, *VERY* married and I couldn’t give a flying rats ass hair about another’s mans attention I’d say you have nothing to worry about. In fact you’ve got more chance of me trying on with you just for the fuck of it, I’ll happily try to spirit you away hun. I’ve got a man and he’s enough fucking work, if you wanna be friendly tho I won’t say no. I’m not trying to pied piper your men folk with my skirt, they haven’t even noticed me, they only even realised I exist because they followed your eye line. Your partners are with you because they love you, they do not compare you to me, they don’t even care that I exist. The man you have chosen has also chosen you because you are what they want. You are what they are attracted to. Not me, they do not care about me. Your men love you and want to be with you, I am a strange person who made their loved one mad. They don’t care for me they want you so why are you feeling like this? Is it you or me? Who is really making you feel like this? Is this a projection of your own feelings about yourself and insecurities that you live with? But how is that my fault? I’ve don’t nothing to warrant your anger, I haven’t tried to upset you, just like you are tryna live your life I am trying to live mine. My mates always tell me it’s spite, jealous or just downright stupidity but idk. I just feel bad for y’all who react like that to me. For me seeing a woman clearly feeling herself makes me fucking beam. Like yes bitch you fucking queen. Women have died and are still dying died for you to have the right to chose to wear that skirt and my god are you wearing the fuck outta it. You are doing them proud. They say God is in the details and lawd yes he is in the details of your majestic body. You are a work of art. Teach me ya ways. You look amazing and I am PROUD to call you a sister in womanhood. THATS HOW U RESPOND TO A FINE ASS BITCH FEELING HER OUTFIT AND FEELING CUTE YA PETTY BINT. YOU FUCKING SUPPORT THEM. Idk how you missed the memo but in 2019 (and onwards) we uplifting fellow bad bitches. Get with it or get left behind. Love and fuckeryMonica              xxx

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