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Where is My 12-can Pack of Pepsi?

Posted on the 09 December 2011 by Cottonboyinusa @CottonBoyInUSA
Where is my 12-can pack of Pepsi?
Standing at the kitchen this Thursday morning, looking around to see if there was any bread and milk left in the refrigerator, I was disappointed with the rummage of food because it was negative. My body was dragging my soul and demanded that I needed some sugar or caffeine substances so as to infiltrate my bloodstream and lift up my spirit. I opened the refrigerator door again and searched for a can of Pepsi. “What? They are all gone?” I groaned. A home without Pepsi rarely happens in any ordinary American family. I live in America now; I should have restocked plenty of Pepsi whether it is regular, diet, caffeinated or non-caffeinated. If any guests stop by and discover that I can’t even serve a glass of Pepsi full of ice, I will be mocked that I fail to meet the minimum requirement to become an American.
I, immediately, took a quick shower and put on some facial lotion before my face began to crack by the dry frigid air. The supermarket which I usually visit is called “Giant Eagle”. Every year during this time of holiday seasons, someone from Salvation Army is always lingering outside at the entrances of many big stores, swinging a Christmas bell to signal shoppers that it is time for sharing. I fumbled in my pocket and wallet to see if I have any coins or small bills. “Darn, Cotton Boy, when was the last time you used cash? Mostly everyone pays by credit cards in America. I only have two $10 bills and I am not as rich as Donald Trump,” I murmured to myself and rushed away from the Salvation Army guy with an apologetic face.
I shopped for this and that, and 3 twelve-pack of Pepsi to assure that I didn’t have to make another trip at least a week. The cart was full. I was ready to check out at the self service cashier lines as these are always open and I can hasten the process of scanning items. The only disadvantage is normally that no one will do the packing. You have to do it yourself. This morning the store perhaps was busier than usual, an ostrich shape female store employee wearing a light yellow sweater helped me stuff the items in bags while I was scanning. By the time I was finished, all my merchandizes were in bags. I said, “Thank you very much!” She nodded and replied, “Have a good one.”
I unloaded the bags into the car trunk and realized there were only 2 packs of Pepsi. “Where is the third pack?” I examined everywhere and looked around the parking lot. Nothing! “I shouldn’t have let anyone touch my stuff. The ostrich must have misplaced my Pepsi,” I begrudged. I stomped back to the store and looked for her. She was assisting another customer. I waited my turn and asked her politely if I had left some Pepsi behind. “I don’t think so. I packed everything,” she coldly replied. I showed her the receipt to demand they should give me back the Pepsi. She scowled and moved her tweety beak, “You may have dropped your Pepsi on the way to the parking lot!” I resented and shouted at her, “Excuse me? Do you think I would miss hearing the dropping sound of a 12-can pack soda on the concrete ground?” She sprinted to the Lost and Found Department which was behind us. A much slimmer lady handed her my Pepsi and told her the Salvation Army guy found the soda and brought it in a minute ago. She was smug and arrogant. I uttered my apology and left with my Pepsi.
I approached the Salvation Army guy and showed my appreciation. I dropped my $10 bill into the donation box. Then, I drove home!

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