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Words + Love + Creative Nudges = Nearly Free to Make Art

Posted on the 14 January 2013 by Juliejordanscott @juliejordanscot
Buying Used Books for as little as 10 cents brings great material for future art, not to mention reading. This was a take from a used book sale for charity. I literally get high from such events. LOL. I love books. I love illustration. I love children’s books. I love dictionaries. I am deeply and profoundly in love with words.

It seems natural I would choose to make art that ties all these loves together.

I put these two components: a dictionary page from a 1948 New Century Dictionary and an illustration from Peppermint Fences, a textbook from the 1960’s.

My Collage Materials: Dictionary kid illustration materials 1948 New Century Dictionary + 1960's Children's textbook - Peppermint Fence Everything came when my friend gave me some picture frames to use. It was a simple matter of cutting images and finding a dictionary image that felt fitting for the illustration.

The outcome is so loveable!

Close up of the Collage Art - They just don't make dictionaries like they used to! Close up of the Collage Art - They just don't make dictionaries like they used to! Here are two images so you can get a clear picture of the size of the finished work. I like it so much, I am actively collecting other images and considering what simple paper art I can make for free later. I had the books on hand – I think they cost $3 for the entire books but they have so many pages to use, if I had to put a page by page cost along with a squirt of Super 77 and the free picture frame?

I would say this project cost me less than pennies.

The pleasure from it is… abundant. I’m off to create more nearly free art.

What creative projects are you working on right now?

Collage on a Book Shelf, so you can see the size in relationship to books. Here you can see how small the collage is - very "ownable" my friend said.


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