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Words to Describe You

Posted on the 08 June 2012 by Mattie @comfyconfident

Look at the picture below. What are the first four words that jump out at you?Words to Describe You

Those 4 words are supposed to describe you!

I just played this fun little game over on Julie’s blog and I thought I would share!

The first 4 I found were:

Interesting right? I actually think they are fitting. The only one I don’t like so much is insecure… but then again, I do have my insecurities. Don’t we all? I guess that is why I am trying to be Comfy & Confident! hehe

What are your four words?

This morning I got a good 30 minute workout in on the elliptical. It’s not much, but it just makes me feel ready to start the day and that is really important to me.

For my morning commute I made myself an Iced Almond Milk Protein Latte. It was totally spur of the moment, but definitely a good choice.

Words to Describe You

In the mix:
1 cup almond milk
1 scoop protein powder
1 cup coffee (cold, if possible)
5 ice cubes

Blend it all together. I recommend using cold coffee… I used the hot coffee I had just brewed, which required using more ice cubes than planned (I used around 10 ice cubes). Sometimes in the morning, all I want is something yummy and cold to drink. Like a huge cup of OJ, but that is a lot of unnecessary calories and sugar.  This drink (shake?) was a great way to get protein and caffeine all in a delicious drink!

Happppppyy Friday!

My goal is to eat half-way decent this weekend… we will see how it goes…


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