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Writing Advice: Good Weeks and Bad Weeks

Posted on the 14 October 2012 by Jfay1995
As writers, we have to come to a focus at the end of each week to figure out how we did during the week.  Did we have a crappy week of writing or did we excel and meet our quotas?
I think this is what we all face as writers.  We have really good weeks when we think we got a really good jump on our writings and other weeks that we just didn't get much accomplished.  It happens.
Each night before we go to bed we have a mental picture of how we want the next day to look like and we've got this fictional instruction guide in our head that tells us in what order we want to do what we set out to finish.
And then we dream and wonder if all those tasks are really going to get done.  Does it happen or does it not?
I know it has happened for me on certain days and on others I have failed.
Like some days, I tell myself I am going to write one or two chapters in each of the new novels and does it end up happening?  No.  I procrastinated and did everything but what I told myself I was going to do.
And other days, I manage to pump out a new chapter to each novel and sometimes more.  They are progressing nicely, that's all I can say.
Just a note:  On days they are progressing nicely, will mean that perhaps the blogging is slacking.  I will try to make sure I keep blogging and sharing too.  That's important.  Which is why today is a sharing day for blogging here and at Triond.  Another note, lately I do have the same articles here as Triond for some of them.  I think I will do that just here and there as I would like to earn a little extra money. 
I also think on some weeks, it just seems like everything else gets in the way.  Of course for me right now, I'm still sharing the laptop with Julia.  Thank god Christmas is getting closer.  And today, she is happily downstairs playing on the PS3 which is why I am able to pump out a few extra articles and later when she wants to reclaim the laptop, I will end up handwriting some chapters and perhaps a little bit more knitting.
I whipped up a few headbands last week.  One is cool.  If you know how to make the basic i cord.  You knit up two of them and then sew them together and you end up with a headband that looks like two.  Kind of bohemian style.
Well, this last week I slacked as I was making phone calls to family vented about the nasty stuff I had discovered on my ex boyfriend, so that took time and exhaustion out of me of course.  And I took a few naps which were needed and extra cups of coffee and did the guilty pleasure of snacking on some bags of kettle cooked chips.  Which surely wasn't good for my body, but it tasted great!!!!!
I would say if we could make one food fat free and good for us forever, it would be chips, desserts and chocolate!!!!!  Across the board.
This is why Pinterest is so addicting and IF I stayed there all day and could really eat all those pictures, I would be ten thousands of pounds easily.  Blame it on Pinterest!!!  Pinterest made me do it!!!  ha ha.
So, yes, last week was a time waster for me, and I'm hoping to make this week a better more productive one.  Although, I did manage to get a few chapters done, but not like I wanted.
I ended up venting in Evernote for a few days instead, but that needed to be done too.
I guess what all of us writers need to do and anyone that wants to accomplish what they set out to do is to set what it is you want to get done and then try your best to do it.  But don't feel bad if you don't get to everything as there's always another day to make sure you get it done.
That is if it's really what is on your agenda.  If something never gets done, then it's not a part of your real goals.  Otherwise, you would have done it by now.
The most important thing is to just take every week as it comes and naturally we are going to have good weeks as well as the bad.  Life does manage to get in the way sometimes and we just have to accept it.
Jennifer Jo Fay
Copyrighted October 14, 2012
Writing Advice:  Good Weeks and Bad Weeks

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