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Yet, There is a Lot

Posted on the 19 March 2013 by Leah-Jlynn @Leah_Jamielynn

At last, a book of poetry to review! By  Modern Author and Poet Natasha Head. Who, has  cleverly written a semi- autobiography in a book of poems called :Nothing Left to Lose. She wrote  this three part book, after recouping from a failed business venture. That left her doubting herself and wondering how she would be able to support her family.

This fear is understood after reading,  a number of  poems in the first part of the book  titled: “Static”.  For me, the poem:“Tea with the Tax Lady”  has the best quote that gave me,  clarification of  her angst.”Auditing, correcting amateur ledgers, bank statements. All responsibility on me. All embarrassment, on me.”   I could almost feel the pressure of the red tape set before her.

These types of real  life experiences run throughout this book. Which, gives Natasha, the freedom to express these chain reaction of  emotions, during her up hill battle. She, articulates these feelings , well, in the second part/chapter of the book named: “Momentum”. The poem “She Runs”,  I feel is the staple  for  this chapter. Here’s a quote from the poem “ Or, considered worth fighting for. And she is angry. And in her anger there is power.”  I thought this a perfect quote after reading about her keeping her head and her families head up during this struggle.  I, also, can relate and understand what she was feeling and she must have felt. As I, have gone through similar situations as well.

However, my thoughts have never wavered or evolved into such thoughts as the ending of the book. The last and final chapter of this book is called: “Evolution” . I much rather see it, as Natasha morphed into the artist she was meant to be. Oddly, because of the unfortunate ordeal she had been through. Which, is what gave us her brand of honest and modern poetry.

Also, regardless of the ending of this book. I feel good  knowing that the life she is living, is  more like the poem  “Travel Unintended”.  From the first part of the book “Static”   a poem  where she sees  possibilities in her home town of Nova Scotia to still be discovered. Though, she feels she’s working in a  dogmatic system , that’s killing the poet and artist in her. But, It is this book that let’s us know they hadn’t  succeed in ridding that creative soul with in her.

Which,  is something that’s nearer to her heart,  next to her family. In fact, she  encourages readers at introduction of this book to stay and be creative.
In parting this is a book worth the time to read.  Most anyone who simply enjoys reading will be taken by this gothic poet’s true words. Also,  “Pulse”   is Natasha Heads, new dark and  poetic tale that was release March 6th, 2013

Happy Reads~Leah Jynn


Hello, friends and poets at dVerse poet’s pub: . I have been working a few projects and I haven’t been able to write much poetry. So, in honor of keeping poetry a live and giving a boost to our wee group, I wanted to do a piece on Natasha. Take mined everyone, I’am still growing as writer ,though I’am improving.  I still have much to improve on. At any rate blessings and write on dream poets.~Leah .

Brian, I would like for you to be next. maybe next month?  if that’s okay:)

Yet, There is a lot

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