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You Must Read This: Creative Interview with Morgan & Tui, the Duo Behind "Wild Woman Waking."

Posted on the 22 March 2014 by Juliejordanscott @juliejordanscot

Wild woman wakingI am thrilled to have the opportunity today to introduce you to my friends, Morgan Dragonwillow and Tui Snider. It is almost like these co-creators dropped by my living room for some tea and recorded our conversation. We decided to invite you along our conversational adventure.

Grab some tea and sit a while as we discuss creativity, inspiration and musing advice from these incredible women who birthed Wild Woman Waking plus stick around to the end of the blog post for a rafflecopter giveaway!


What special words of wisdom can you give creative people who aspire to be poets or photographers?


Never give up. If you have a passion for words, photography or any other creative endeavor and think about it when you aren’t actively doing it, then get those words down on the page, or those photos taken, or that picture painted or whatever it is that your heart cries to do. I know it is hard, I know it can feel like your guts are being ripped out because you are allowing others to strangle your creativity by words or actions they’ve pointed in your direction or even someone else’s. But if you have a desire that is burning inside of you and you don’t do it, it will burn you up from the inside out until there is nothing left of the real you. Don’t wait any longer, explore, create, and make mistakes, lots of them. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other, one word after another, one picture after another and one painting after another until YOU are happy with what you have created. And be kind to yourself along the way.

 Tui: I came across a quote by Carolyn Myss yesterday in which she states, "If you have the inspiration, you have the talent." I think that sums it up nicely! 

 In other words, don't waste time on self-doubt and second-guessing if you are good enough. If you feel the urge to explore your creativity, then go for it. I wasted a *lot* of time waiting for other artists in my life to give me permission slips. Silly me!

Julie: Is there one specific way you approach your subjects?

 Morgan: I have often said that I don’t have a consistent bone in my body. I rarely do the same thing regularly. I take that back, I always get my Chai tea first.  

 Julie: I'll remember to have some ready for you next time!

Tui: Every time I take the Myers-Briggs personality test I come out equal parts introvert and extrovert. When I'm home I'm an introvert. When I step outside, I'm an extrovert. But I feel both aspects of this very strongly. 

 So even though I can be very social, I tend to be rather introverted when taking photos. If I'm at a party, I don't take many photos until I wander off and start daydreaming and looking at nature. When I'm sitting around laughing and talking, I rarely take photos because I'm enjoying the social scene and not thinking about "creating something." I also hibernate when writing. I need my alone time.  

Julie: What is the most important advice for a creative person NOT to take?

 Morgan: I believe that would be to follow the rules. All of the great creators broke the rules in some form or fashion. Doing what everyone else does isn’t what makes great artists/writers/poets/photographers. Sure, figure out how they came up with what they did but at some point you have to find what works for you and your creative process.

 And advice that I think is important to listen to: Don’t listen to the critics, EVER. Have compassion for them because they probably had their dreams squashed and think they can only feel better if they squash someone else’s dreams.

 Tui: If you are happy with your finished product, then it is good enough. On the other hand, don't use perfectionism as a way to stall. One of my favorite sayings comes from the members of a classical quartet I used to play with. When rehearsing a tough passage over and over, we'd reach a point where it wasn't perfect (it never will be, right?) but it was, "close enough for jazz." Many times when struggling to create, I finally just step back and tell myself that it's close enough for jazz. Sometimes that is the only way I can convince myself to move on!

 Julie: Tell us something that will surprise us about your creative process - -

 Morgan: Sometimes I love to pretend I am someone else when I am writing. There have even been times that I will don a cape, and a persona, of the Super Writer. Someone that is fearless, that can write their words with a single bound, that can wrestle to the ground the inner critic, hog tie them, and gag them so that Super Writer gets EVERY word onto the page, every emotion, every thought that needs to be written.

 Tui:  I've had a lot of training when it comes to writing and music, but I've not had any training in the visual arts. Once I got past my insecurity over this fact, I realized that this lack of training is very freeing. With photography, I don't have a bunch of rules running around my head the way I do with writing and music. I simply take photos by eye, the way some folks play music by ear.

 Julie: Who is your creative muse or creative muses?

 Morgan: When I think of my creative muses I think of my creativity angels and guides that are always there, whispering in my ear, telling me to get back to the page, telling me I have so much to share and there is no time to waste. When I think of earthly creative muses, I think of those women that have come before me, paving the way, doing whatever it takes to accomplish the task at hand whatever that task may be. They may be writers or poets or singers, or activists. They all contribute to inspiring me to accomplish my writing. Honestly I haven’t read a lot of poetry until this past year. You have brought more poetry into my life that I enjoy than ever before. So even you are one of my creative muses. All that you do inspires me to do more, to be more in my poetry.

 Julie: Why thank you, dear Morgan!

 Tui: Morgan is definitely one of my muses. She has really encouraged me to get my stuff out there, to show other people, and to (as she put it) "Own it!" "It" being my creativity in all its forms. 

 I had a lot of negative experiences years ago, and had quit sharing a lot of my creative projects as a result. I didn't quit doing them; I just quit showing other people. Morgan has really helped me to get over this.

 Julie: I hear that over and over again: people get shut down by critics and people who are "only trying to help." I'm so glad you found Morgan to help you get through this. The world is a better place with your creativity!

Tui: I also find nature very inspiring, but I think that's pretty obvious if you look at my photos. I especially love to spend time by any body of water.

 Another person who constantly inspires me is my childhood friend, Woofmutt. We passed notes to each other in class throughout High School and now, all these years later, we text each other constantly. Often it's about the most obscure things simply because I know that he will "get" my humor, or understand the idea I'm trying to express. 

 Julie: How would you describe your perfect creative weekend?

Who would you want to spend it with?

 Morgan: Somewhere quiet by the water. I was lucky enough a couple of years ago to stay at a friend’s lake house for about a month and it was the perfect writing retreat I could have ever asked for. I cooked simple but flavor filled foods, I walked, I danced, I collaged, I donned my cape, and I wrote my heart out onto the page. Even a weekend of that would be heaven to me.

Tui: Only a weekend? I'd love to have a week-long artistic getaway with a passel of the online friends I've made (including you, Julie!) as well as Morgan, Woofmutt, and my husband. I'm not sure exactly where I would want this retreat to be, but near the sea would be nice, so we could take beach walks. I'd also love to have a chef there, too, feeding us healthy-but-tasty fare.

 Julie: Who are your literary and or artist role models or heroes & heroines from the past?


 Morgan: I am a visual person and photography has played a huge part in my inspiration. I had two favorites and I think it is interesting that one is female and one is male. I love Georgia O’Keefe and the work that she did with her photography. She always inspired me to go after what I love and be the best I could be every time I looked at one of her photos. The other photographer that I always loved was Ansel Adams. His photos swept me away with emotion. I used to aspire to be a photographer because of both of these photographers.

 Susan B. Anthony has recently become one of my heroines. Reading her story has shown me that I may not always feel up to the task but as long as I keep going and keep doing my best, I will accomplish what I want to accomplish or at least what I am meant to accomplish.

 As far as literary that would have to be Adrienne Rich. The more I learn about her, the more I read her poetry, the more I want to accomplish in my life through my poetry.

 Tui: I love Anais Nin because her diaries were the closest thing I had to a female friend when I lived out on an isolated island for 5 years. Anais Nin has such a deep appreciation for the world around her, and she really valued her friendships. Plus, even her prose felt poetic.

I also love Mark Twain and Oscar Wilde because they were both so witty, observant, and well-traveled. I bet they'd be a blast to hang out with.

 More about who Morgan and Tui are in the world as well as Rafflecopter and Linkys for your pleasure!

Wild woman waking morganMorgan Dragonwillow is a shadow poet and recovering perfectionist that strives to inspire other poets and writers. She especially enjoys helping those that have had trouble letting go of the fear holding back their words from landing on the page. It thrills her to her marrow when her words inspire someone to write; it is one of her greatest joys. Morgan released her first poetry book, Dancing within Shadow, in March 2013. She is intimate with shadow and dances into the heart of it. She believes that diving into what most people try to avoid makes great fertilizer for all types of creativity, especially writing and poetry. She writes poetry to be able to say things, feel things that she can’t seem to express or feel anywhere else. Morgan lives in Marietta Ga. with her partner, their Pekinese, and their long haired Tabby. She loves creating of all kinds but words are her passion. You can connect with Morgan from the links below.

 Morgan Dragonwillow's Amazon author page 

Morgan Dragonwillow's Shadow Poet & Author Page: Dancing where others fear to tread. 

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Wild woman waking tui Tui Snider is a freelance writer and travel blogger specializing in offbeat sites, overlooked history, cultural traditions, and quirky travel destinations. Her articles and photos have appeared in BMIbaby, easyJet, Wizzit, Click, Ling, PlanetEye Traveler, iStopover, SkyEurope, and North Texas Farm and Ranch magazines, among others. She also wrote the shopping chapter for the “Time Out Naples: Capri, Sorrento, and the Amalfi Coast 2010” travel guidebook. Unexpected Texas is her first book. For Tui, travel is a mindset. Her motto is "Even home is a travel destination," and she believes that "The world is only boring if you take everyone else's word for it." She has worn a lot of hats in her life - literally - and is especially fond of berets. Her first book, "Unexpected Texas" is a guide to offbeat and overlooked places within easy reach of the Dallas - Fort Worth region of North Texas. You can find Tui all around the web.

Feel free to say hi: Tui Snider's Amazon author page Tui Snider's Offbeat & Overlooked Travel blog Facebook author page Instagram  Pinterest

Thank you for featuring Wild Woman Waking on your blog today, Julie! And thanks for all these thought-provoking questions. :D

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