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You're Not Ugly,society Is.

Posted on the 19 March 2013 by Sweetblossom @sweetblossom_
A day is considered complete when you learn something, anything and when it was worth the time you spared for it. Geez I sound like a hypocrite, well that is how My Day went. Full on talking, learning and boring! It gives you that 80 year old granny’s kind of a sense. When you hear people giving lecture regarding all those crap about life, moral, good and bad “burrrhh headache”! Hey in my defense “everything is right and everything is wrong, until and unless you discover what is good enough for you” right?? Well then here is the thing a widow with a 2 year kid old gets married. And that rate as insane for our so called society thing. Let me tell you its life for that lady and above all she is a human so for all those sick animals be a human first to judge a human. It’s just something out of so many things I witnessed today. Why do people judge as if like they own our life seriously for those control freaks please get a life.
You're not ugly,society is. photo credit 
She was married 2 year back to this guy and they had a kid everything was going as planed and something terrible happened that guy expired and that 26 year girl was supposed to sacrifice everything accordingly and she did for like 3years she decided that she need a husband and her child need a dad, what so ever is wrong in that?? People I say geez! That’s the thing happened for my don’t-know-irritation of today probably.
You're not ugly,society is.
Apart that I wonder how girls do the typing and work with long nails, I literally suck as a girl. For me it literally feels heavy on my fingers seriously “heavy is the word for me”.And life is rotten to its best so I need all the best wishes I can get “please bless me” haha kidding things are good apart from my laziness and that makes everything rotten yet I need the blessing part.“Sad” I just missed my favorite show, blogging! Hope it was worth my time, like I said before. That is it for today to irritate you all… god I wish someone would be reading this...if you are reading please leave some clue or comment ”smile” and are you irritated?
P.S “Question of the day: what you think about judge people and do you believe in society knows the best?”
You're not ugly,society is.
You're not ugly,society is.
⇨Signing Off ♥Prathi♥

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