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12WBT Round Two

Posted on the 21 May 2013 by Thesecretlifeofjen

So 12WBT round one 2013 has come and gone. Amazing how quickly 12 weeks passes by.

After some success last round, I have decided to sign up again to consolidate what I have learned and lose another few kilos.

The dexa scan has really helped with my goals and expectations for my weight/health. According to the dexa I have excellent bone density, good muscle mass, but could do to lose a bit more fat.

This round I really need to tighten up and build some muscle. Last round I did zero weight training. And zero running. So this round, along with the weight loss goal, I want to focus on fitness oriented goals too.

For the 12wbters reading, yes I am little late to the party this round. Tomorrow is week 2(!) weigh in. Unfortunately I have been sick since returning from Thailand (typical, right?!). But I finally feel like I am pulling through and readying smash it :)

So what are my goals this round? Not in any particular order-

- lose around 5kg
- stick to the nutrition plan
- start lifting
- weekly hot yoga
- run 5km (I reckon I may stretch that to 10km)

And … Go!!!!

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