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Missing in Action

Posted on the 19 August 2013 by Thesecretlifeofjen

So, apparently it takes a sick day for me to blog!  It has been 12 weeks, give or take, since my last confession, blog post.

Married life, working life and being a bit less antisocial, makes for a busy time.  I am still here, I just tend to be a quiet observer, keeping up to date on my favorite blogs, but not taking the time to blog myself!  I guess there is a lot of value in taking a blogging break :)

Here is a snapshot:

- Reconnecting with a super old friend, and it being awesome :) (when you aren’t sure if you are like-minded, and then find out that you have WAY more in common than you expected)
- Picking up some research work (probably my least favorite thing in the world, but hey, when they won’t take no for an answer, what do you do?)
- Married life, social commitments, and friend stuff.
- Finalising a publication :)  and also finishing up on the final stages in career development (for now)
- Some adventures eating out – Grazing at Gundaroo, I heart you.
- Taking an impromptu trip to Thailand with a couple of girlfriends.  Yep it was really needed (think beach, massages, fun)
- Not being able to help myself and planning my next block of leave/holiday (what can I say, I need my downtime)
- Finding small things in life that make a big difference
- A couple of shiny new purchases (why hello soon to be delivered King Furniture chair, and my new Macbook Air – which I have no idea what I am doing with – ha!)
- Some new favorite TV shows, Suits, new Breaking Bad, and I have started Arrested Development from the very beginning!
- Saying goodbye to 12WBT (more to come on that soon)

So there you have it, in a nutshell.

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