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15.12.2012, 16.12.2012

Posted on the 07 October 2018 by Therealme

Saturday 15.12.2012

Ergin Metin had accepted my friend request. Tara not yet.

Sarah came to Zlox. She surprised me when I heard she’s not coming on my birthday. I mean, she came specially for (her friend) Elaine’s birthday, she came for M.’s birthday, and now she’s breaking a tradition. Reason: She had a Maths written work, plus her mother didn’t let her as she wasn’t invited and they didn’t have money. Someone in my place would get offended.

Sarah revealed that Adele has returned to work and mom after hearing that Adele teaches her, advised her:
-Don’t tell her Nick is your cousin.
-What? – It was like I was embarrassed. Just like I was discriminated. From my own mother. Strictly: “Don’t”, “Nick”, “cousin”. Mum confessed it was because of the quiz. At least my deed is recognised: a “quiz”. At least she was open and sincere, just as I want people to be towards me.

Like I am discriminated all the time, all because I wanted to be NORMAL in the eyes of the others. What else could I do? Repress my hurtedness aware that Adele gives more significance to Ethan? She meant to me and I wanted to mean to her. I did it from love. Anyway, I only blackened myself. I’m glad I noted the happenings. They’ll read eventually. Hope they’ll find their salvation in God.

[The text for the period 16.12.2012-26.12.2012 is based on notes.]

Sunday 16.12.2012

Sarah left.

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