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3Face – The Newest Breakthrough in Anti-Skin Aging & Skin Resurfacing

Posted on the 06 December 2013 by Genzelkisses

Dermclinic advocates healthy and beautiful skin.  It’s true, what is healthy is beautiful.  I was actually invited to witness their 42nd celebration as a pioneer and leading dermatological clinic here in the Philippines but unfortunately due to my work schedule, and typhoon I wasn’t able to attend.  They provide professional skin and hair care.  For a brand to keep on providing professional services for 4 decades, it is a great achievement.

They are so generous that they still let me try their signature skincare treatment, the 3Face which I’ll be talking more about later as we go on to this post.  I visited their nearest branch, Dermclinic – SM Southmall.  They have super accommodating and nice staff there and I believe, in all of their branches as I’ve also read some other posts.  They will welcome and greet you “Happy Skin Day” even through text message.  I just appreciate even those little things because it can really brighten someone’s day with all the good vibes their people have.

Dermclinic - Southmall Branch

Dermclinic – SM Southmall


Waiting area and Pharmacy

I really like the ambiance of skin clinics.  It’s clean, fresh, and that feeling that you’re going to be pampered. :D  This branch is not as big as the others by it’s well lit and clean.


Reception Area

As you can see, they are all smiling and happy to serve their customers.  One thing I want to recommend though, please have wifi :D  It’s the first thing I always look for when I visit any establishment.  They said they’re working on it! Yey!

NuDerm by Dermclinic

NuDerm by Dermclinic

NuDerm Supreme is their skincare line know for its synergistic effects meaning, unlike the ordinary skincare products which targets only one or two concerns of the skin, these products are designed by dermatologists for synergistic skin rejuvenation system with premium active ingredients that complement one another in a unique 5-step approach.

Dermclinic - Wash Area

Wash Area

So neat.  I love it.  Wash your hands and face.  That towel is for hand drying and you can have the facial tissues for the face.  I love their soap, it’s so gentle on the skin and removes my makeup quite easy.

Dermclinic - After washing my face

My bare face after washing, except for the eyeliner :D

Dermclinic - Room

Room for Treatments

Their room is not too big nor spacious.  Just right for each patient.  What I can suggest is that, they can put a small table somewhere (maybe at the end of the patient’s bed to where we can put our things.  Aside from that, as long as the service is great (which it is) , I’m good ;)

Dermclinic - Signature Facial

Before 3Face is facial first to prep the skin.  I enjoyed it a lot!  I feel so happy when the nurse told me that I have nice skin ^^  It’s an achievement for me.  I had a lot of skin problems before and now, hoorraaay for my good skin! ^^

1.  Cleansing using a gentle facial brush to remove dirt and exfoliate the skin.

2.  Same process but using a slimmer brush for the those and other hard to reach areas of the face.

3.  Rinsing with water and facial sponge.

4.  Facial massage.  This helps in improving the blood flow on the face and also relieves the skin from stress and prevents having wrinkles.

5.  Facial massage with moisturizer.  Ohh it feels sooo good!

6.  Vacuum.  Blackheads, whiteheads, and other skin impurities being sucked-up by the device.  So glad to see I have very minimal -zero whiteheads. Yay!

7.  Facial mask.  You know how I love using facial masks!  It was on skin for 10 minutes then rinsed.

8.  Last step is steaming to prep the skin for the 3Face treatment.

Dermclinic - 3Face Treatment


3Face Treatment – Dermclinic

It’s a high technology of Multiple System in Face Care.  In just one machine, it gives a complete facial treatment.  The process involves three steps; Microdermabrasion, Collagen Renewal, and Skin Tightening.

3Face Treatment - Dermclinic

First Phase (Microdermabrasion)

The use of a diamond sand hand piece allows for progressive and constantly-controlled exfoliation and abrasion of superficial skin- resulting in luminous, soft, smoother, and younger skin.  It might be quite painful to some because of the wand being used but it’s tolerable.  I was honestly afraid during this step because I thought my face is being scratched or something *laughs*  Indeed, it feels so smooth and soft after.

Second Phase (Collagen Renewal)

The combination of a broadband light beam and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) boosts collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid production, and cell-renewal for a fuller effect.  Remember some people even drink collagen for the skin?  That’s how important it is.  It makes the skin looking young and smooth.

Third Phase (Skin Tightening)

A computerized vacuum-assisted massage, using a pneumatic massager with an elastrometric membrane, promotes blood circulation and oxygenation to give better nutrition and to further enhance collagen production; it lifts and tightens the skin.  I can’t deny, I fell a sleep during this step.  It’s so relaxing not only for my skin but as a whole.

3Face Treatment - Dermclinic

My skin after the treatment? TADA!!!

You can see the difference from the photo above (my washed face) and to this one.  Aside from making my skin baby smooth, soft, and supple, it also brightens the skin.  I totally love it to bits!  I can’t resist touching my face.  Since I had my treatment around 6pm, they put botox cream instead of sunblock.

You are not allowed to wash or wet your face until the next morning after the treatment just like any other treatments or even hair treatments which take days before you can wash your hair ;)

NuDerm by Dermclinic

NuDerm Skin Care Systems

I was given these products to be used after the treatment.  Will update you how it goes ;)  I like how their pharmacist explained to me how to use their products and even gave me a paper with instructions so I won’t forget ^^ Thank you so much!

Sometimes we take our skin for granted forgetting that it’s the largest organ of the human body and plays and vital in our lives.  Visiting a dermatologist at least once a month to improve skin condition will make a huge difference.  Of course, entrust your skin only to professional.

Let’s “Be in the Pink” as Dermclinic celebrates 42 years and emphasizes that health is as valuable as beauty.

DermclinicBeauty by Professional Dermatologists

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What facial treatment is your favorite?

Do you visit a dermatologist at least once a month?

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