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5 Minute 100% Raw Chocolate

Posted on the 25 February 2015 by Larlarcharms

Healthy, Seriously Quick Chocolate Recipe

Vegan friendly, gluten- free & Paleo, etc.

 The two ingredients you need are:

  • Cocao powder
  • Cocao butter

Pour a little water into a pot and heat on the hob – place a glass dish over the top ready for the cocao.

1 2 I used a tall Starbucks tumbler/cup to measure the chocolate – but any cup will do!
If you want more chocolate then add more & vice versa if you want less. Recipe yield: three large, chocolate hearts. I used silicone setters which slip away from the chocolate without sticking – highly recommend. 4 5


1/2 cup of cocoa butter – pour/grate into the dish and melt down. Turn the heat off when the cocoa butter has melted.

Then pour in 3/4 cup of cocoa powder and mix together.

Add additional ingredients such as agave (natural sweetener) up to 3 tbs is enough. Experiment with adding nuts, seeds, fruit, etc.

Pop in the freezer for at least half hour before eating – or leave in the freezer for a few days until needed.

3 6

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