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7 Types Of People You May Encounter In A Plane

Posted on the 05 June 2014 by Poojakaradgi

7 Types Of People You May Encounter In A PlaneIf you are visiting this place ,not for the first time, then you might know that I’ve flown twice and incidentally both the times alone. The uncle(both times the same) who comes to drop me, drops me 2 hours earlier to avoid any possible risks.So,the only thing I’m left with, while yawning at the airport and the airplane is watching different kind of people it gets!

1)The Silent Sitter: He’ll just opt for a window seat. Sit there and watch the clouds. Nothing more interests him.At some point, you MAY notice him taking his phone out of his pocket and clicking the clouds.2)The Ninja Lover : Nothing matters to him too. But the plain white clouds?Noo! He’s better off with his Ninja and his Android. Even if you try to talk to him, it’ll be like asking him if his Ninja minds mingling with you!Annoying looks!Urggh!3)All-time Advisor: As soon as this person comes to know you haven’t  flown before, he’ll start advising you.Before the air-hostess advises you to tighten your seat-belts, this man will warn you of all the risks and mishaps that could strike if you do not!4)The Puff Eater : A 20/- Lays packet at 50/- ? Oh No! Who spends that much?Specially in a flight which took off from A’bad-A land of Profits and Business.This person will have his puff/pizza/burger neatly packed and while the air hostess arrives with her tray of beverages and snacks he’ll nicely open his delicacies with the sole extent of irritating her and making the neighbors realize how foolish of them!5)The Newspaper Nerd : He’s the one who loves Newspapers. He reads it as if some piece of news was going to affect his life strangely that day,sadly he doesn't know which and he is madly searching for it! He doesn't bother about what’s going on in the surroundings.You eat,you sleep on his shoulders,you stare at him,you irritate him..nothing!6)The Sluggish Snorers : If it’s a morning flight, you’ll have observed this kind of species. They are the constant Snorers. One deep snore. One loud snore.Swap the head sides.One deep snore again.One loud again.Even if you ask them to stop, they cannot, they’ll not! Even when the air-hostess tries to wake them up to collect their tea-cups, they’ll snore hard at her!

7)The Quizzical Questioners’ : Why is this moving so fast?OMG!I hope I don’t die of asthma! Why does it make so much noise?OMG!I feel dizzy!And you get it!

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