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Posted on the 17 July 2014 by Poojakaradgi
Change is the essence of nature.You try hard to resist it.You try to ignore it.You wish to hideaway from it.You yell at it.You try to crumble it.You love to hate it.Yet, there’s change. A change for a new beginning. A change for a new experience. A change for a better tomorrow. A change for delight. A change, sometimes, just for fun. A change to explore. A change because of monotony. A change to test how the change would change you.A change,simply to free yourself from all previous bonds.A change, indeed is inevitable.
Ensuing the rules of nature, here I decide to change my blog url to karadgipooja.blogspot.in.And this change shall be made effective from 24thJuly,2014.Not a special day though, but now it’ll change into one! :)

itsmylife13393.blogspot.in,I'll miss you.Thankyou for bringing here,all the wonderful readers. :)

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