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the Little Night Owl

Posted on the 12 July 2014 by Poojakaradgi
Its 3:30 a.m. right now and this post is just a piece which’ll remind me of the present wonderful nocturnal days, someday, some years later .Tomorrow is going to be my first day at college as a Final Year Student :)There's this Zzzz...Zzzz.. (the sound of the night wind,maybe),sound of the snores and the sound of the peacocks screaming(Monsoons!:D).And Wow,while I am writing this,my mom's alarm is buzzing.All the best Pooja,for all the questions that are going to pop up. And Good Night :)But wait,at least let me complete my post!...What this vacation taught me?Being a Night Owl! :P

the little night owl


Before you start behaving like my mommy and start listing out all the things which we learn at pre-schools(Yea,those Early to Bed…) or haunt me by making me imagine those big huge dark bags beneath my eyes, have a look at this :P

This is what I end up saying every morning to mommy when she comes to wake me up! :P

the little night owl

*On a Lighter Note.

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