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How We Do Our Minor Projects #2

Posted on the 03 July 2014 by Poojakaradgi
Today was a day of software discussions. We were recalling all the major softwares we had worked with in the past three years. One of them was ‘putty.exe’. An observant friend of mine, suddenly remarked “Such a name. People use Chinese, Spanish and Japanese names for their softwares and look at the makers of this putty.exe.I’ve overheard this word a lot many times in the South Indian songs!”.My gut feeling had already alerted me that I was soon going to be the target(Only SI in the class!).Yet,I decided to delay the situation by keeping mom. Only a milli-second later,She: “BTW,Pooja,What does this putty actually mean?”
I gave some weird looks sensing their moment-later-joy.

I answered with a poker face, “It means, DEAR”.
Just a second later , I could hear her shouting in her loud audible voice “Putty Pooja” in that typical South Indian tone.! Urggh! :DWhen we were already done with the Introductory Kannada learning session,  my curious friends wanted to know the translations of many words now.My minor-project-partner asked me the Kannada translation of “What are you doing?”.When I gave him the translation, he couldn’t comprehend my speech and decided to take help of Google. Once he was clear in his pronounciation,he shouts to a girl sitting at the other corner of the room Nīvu ēnu māḍuttiddīri?which lead to a pin drop silence with that girl questioning “Kya bol raha hai bey!”When the meaning was revealed to her,it led her to say “Sirf  ‘What are you doing ‘ ke  liye itna bada bolneka!”

LOL! God Bless Google Translate! :D

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