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A Beautiful Girl

Posted on the 06 April 2012 by Alka Narula @narulaalka

   A beautiful girl
I saw a beautiful girl...riding on a wave , in the sea.....she moved her rump , I saw she had no feet..... she moved like a bonito in the sea....
She flipped and turned .....she look at me, as if trying to say something .... she seemed real and familiar with me.....
She had a beautiful pearl dangling in her hair....that she played with while she smiled at me.......
 A mile away from the reefs , where I lay ...she twist and turn with the wave she was riding in the sea .....she seemed some one from the marine.....
She disappeared with the sound of cloud disbelief I looked at the sky while it showered some pearls on me.....
Next moment I heard the beautiful girl ...she whispered some thing in my ear.....she said"look for the pearl ,I left it for you to make your wish come true , I am a fairy from the sea"
I looked for the pearl that was lost among the pearls lying all around me ...that showered few moments before she whispered in my ear ......I wish i could find the pearl , I often see ......but  it seems like a deja vu... few times it has happened to me !

copy right(c)alka narula
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