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You and Me - Lyrics

Posted on the 17 November 2015 by Alka Narula @narulaalka
"You and Me "  Lyrics When I started penning down the words I didn't know what I was going to write but I surely could have gone on and on . I hope you like it too.
Hold me tight
In your arms
While I sleep

Keep me warm 
In your arms
Till the crack of  dawn
When the sun begins to play hide and seek

Did I hear you say
You are in love 
You want to be with me

I am the one
You would want
To spend
The rest of your life with  me and only me

Can you go on
Keep saying "I am in love with you "
I am the one you have been waiting for so long

On this beautiful night
When it's only you and me
While the world is lost
In a dreamland that is fallacious and full of deciet

Keep me warm
In your arms
Till the crack of dawn
When the sun begins to play hide and seek

Did I feel your body
Rise and 
Fall with the tide that is me

Can you go on
Play with my body and soul
I need no yarn
I love the feel of your breath all over me

My nakedness 
Just whispered 
It feels like heaven when you touch and play with my cords

Can you play on 
Play the music with your breath and my cords
Till our bodies have synchronized
Till it becomes hard to  severalize between you and me 

The beautiful night
Has begun to hide 
It seems to be shying away from you and me

Do I care
As long it's you and me
And we strike a musical cord
Our bodies are twined and they need no yarn 

We need no domicile to hide
Just keep us warm
Until it's dawn and the sun decides to cast it's bane

When the night is gone
And you are left with no choice
But to disappear in the thin air
Because the light is too bright for you and me

Just go on
Play with my each and every cord
Keep me warm And keep saying it's only me that you want 

Just go on and on and on 
Copyright ©2012alkanarula photo credit - google image search results

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