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Halo - The Torrid Storm

Posted on the 01 November 2015 by Alka Narula @narulaalka
Halo the luminous ring  has always  fascinated me. One may call it aura for me it can have several meanings. . Here is a piece of poetry , illusionary though but surrounding a halo.
I closed my eyes
To welcome a beautiful smile
But it surprised me with a halo
A halo that  kissed my face and my eyes
Drenched me with  beautiful colors of life
That I couldn't see beyond the halo
I fluttered my eyes
Tried to speak to halo that night
But it surprised me even more
It took me in it's arms
Danced me in the air full of romance
I got swept with torrid storm that appeared like a halo
I tried to touch
I tried to feel
The torrid storm that came dressed like a halo
I heard it utter a few words that spelt my name
Aghast I tried to hear them again
I heard it whisper " Will never let you go "
I felt my cheeks get drenched
My eyes  had started to rain
I tried to hold on to  tears that rolled
Down my face
While I melted in that gentle embrace
The embrace that left me dazed
I tried to undo my hair
But the tide was so high and passionate
I realized  it might just make  me fall
I might let go the storm
If I tried to do so
It's time to hear the whispers
It's time to hear my name
Over and over again
Though It may come from torrid storm
The storm that has come dressed like a halo
That might disappear when the morning glory smiles
The smile that appears
When the sun rises
I immersed in it's arms
I did not try to look beyond
I allowed the magical light
To take over
Copyright ©2012alkanarula photo credit - google image search results

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