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Desert Rose

Posted on the 28 November 2015 by Alka Narula @narulaalka
When I think about flowers , apart from their beauty and fragrance there are a whole lot of things about them that have intoxicating effect on me .Once in a while  I love to play around with their names as well and the outcome is   astonishing  symphony  Here is a piece woven with variety of flowers  (In Caps) and I hope you will love it too. #desertrose #flowerpower #namesofflowers
A ring of Rose and Marigold
Is all that I have on my mind
Like a Bird of Paradise
I stroll
Forget Me Not
I am Foxglove
But names can be deceptive
Indeed I am as tender as vine
A string of  Prim Rose and Willows
Is all that I can see
They are spread over miles
A white Rock Rose and Chrysanthemums
Are are the only folks
I have known
Who I presume
Have known that I am like a juvenile
The satin robe that I adorn
May appears Mock Orange at night
In real it glows like Morning Glory
And is a shade of whites
The Silver Lace on my eyes
Don't mistake it for dew
It is a string of Tuberose
That I embraced for ever and for life
The ringlets of Blazing Stars
And Heliconias
Which are as blue as Lupines
May appear to you like Foliage
But in real are my braids
That fall all over on my face
Are my hideaway and my escape
For I am too shy
Can you hold your breath for a while
For I am now a little aroused
The fragrance of  Rings of Cloves
In accomplice with
The daisies around my neck that I adorn
Too have become  gentle like never before
It appears to me like a conspiracy of Cosmos
Did I see someone behind Anemones
The  nearing sound of spring
And dancing Black Eyed Susan
The whiff of Cocks Comb
I beg of you to understand
I am struggling to remain afloat
The sand underneath my soles
Is quick though there are no slopes
I seem to have got intoxicated
By the fragrance of Rings of Cloves
Oh The one hiding behind Anemone
I know you and so does my soul
I care not anymore
Whether you conspired or Cosmos
But when you do away with  my Foliage and satin robe
And the Daisies I adorn
When you make love to me on quick sand
Please ensure that no one gets to hear us moan
Nor the sound of symphony of our touching toes
Though my name is Foxglove
I don't care if you call me Desert Rose
Copyright ©2012alkanarula photo credit - google image search results

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