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A Boyfriend is So Not Hard to Get

Posted on the 03 July 2014 by Mary Ughojor @marypebbles1
You would think in this era ladies dont need help in getting a boyfriend right?Well believe it or not, there are still so many single and looking I-dont-know-how-to-get-a-boyfriend kinds of women who apparently dont have a clue whatsoever as to what they are doing wrong or too right. Now, I am not claiming to be an expert in the field but Im just going to give some little or not so little ideas on how to get a boyfriend. These steps may seem pretty basic and simple to those who are blessed with the gift of attracting men wherever they go, but might probably help the lives of the not so blessed.A boyfriend is so not hard to getcredit
1.   Who is your dream man?The first step above anything is to know the kind of person you want. It is not about going out there and falling head over heels for just about anybody. If you dont want to get hurt and treated like trash, it is only reasonable to know the kind of man you want to be in a relationship with. Do you want a man who will make you laugh when you are down? Or a man who will like you for who you are? Now, wanting all these qualities do not guarantee you would actually get your dream man, but it wouldnt hurt to expect right?
2.   There are many fishesin the marketI am an introvert, I dont like to go out, I enjoy being aloneSpare us please! Except you want to remain single, go ahead and enjoy your solitary life but if otherwise, I suggest you get yourself out of there.How can you want to buy a fish and expect not to go to the market? Except you want other people to do it for you but then again they might get you koteor Titus fish when you actually needed catfish. You get my drift?Be adventurous, hang out with friends, go to wedding ceremonies, birthday parties and whatever, then you can actually meet people. It shouldnt surprise you to meet people with a different mentality from yours or appalling and scaring behaviours because in this way you get to assess and find out why you think they are admirable, intriguing, funny, strange or plain creepy.Streamlining begins

3.   A nice appearance is goldenYou are now ready to socialize. I say a big hurray! But it doesnt end there (such big work right?). I have noticed that, that totally cute guy I had been eyeing almost always happen to stumble upon me when I dash out to the store nearby with my hairnet on or when Im looking not so nice *signs* so you get it when he does not so much as glance at you. In his defence, you were quite ordinary, not noticeable. In order to get a guys attention, you need to be become irresistible to them and it starts from dressing nice, looking neat and well groomed. I know one thing that ladies do when a guy walks up to them; they scan the daylight out of him. Are his nails well groomed? He looks really neat omg! He has bad breath and we almost always do it unconsciously. So ladies, if we do that, Im pretty sure the guys do the same to us too. So it is quite important to look nice all the time. The way you look determines how you will be addressed.4.   Impressions last foreverYou want a man in your life; it wouldnt do for you to be snubbing every guy that comes your way. Be sweet, always wear a smile; be free and not withdrawn but at the same time exude confidence. Dont be too much of a softie; in other words, dont get pushed around all the time. If you would give up your cookie jar, dont give it up too easily, there is a high chance you will be taken for granted. Guys will tell you it doesnt matter if you give it up easily as long as you understand and like each other, but they wont tell you that they also respect a lady who gives them a hard time and not easily succumb. You should want and earn respect after all, you wouldnt want to look too desperate (trust me, guys smell desperate from a distance). 5.      Ladies can play the game tooOh yeah! You just have to do this. You definitely dont want the guy to know you are way into him just yet, so be aloof but at the same time, make him crave for you. Put on all your womanly charms, be cheerful, laugh and be funny, but also be unpredictable. Make him work for it if he really wants you. Guys will say; if you like a guy what is the point of all the shakara?’ bull! Guys like and live to work for something they like. In all your shakaraness, dont be too hard on them though, you dont want to completely scare them off.If you have more tips for the single ladies, please feel free to drop them in the comment box and you might also want to share this post too.

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