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Thriller Night! (Part 1)

Posted on the 27 June 2014 by Mary Ughojor @marypebbles1

I woke with a start. My heart is beating so hard, my body soaked with sweat.I had been dreaming, yes! But why does it feel so real?Someone had died, but Who?I know this person, in fact too wellSo why can’t I remember?My eyes are blurring so I brushed it with the back of my handMy hands are wetwith tearsI had been cryingSomething is not right…..I feel really cold, though tiny rivulets of sweat are running down my face.What is that? I hear clinking sounds from outside my room doorI am scared….
The sound is getting louder…Can’t anyone hear this?I throw my blanket aside and climb out of bedI realize I am shaking terriblyOh God please I don’t want to die!Let nothing be out there.I stepped out of my roomThe clinking sound is goneI just stand there in the darknessNot relieved, but with a strange forebodingI know something is not rightI turn to enter my roomWait! What is that?The clinking sound is back againAnd it’s coming from my room…….

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