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Malaria is a Total Buzzkill

Posted on the 16 July 2014 by Mary Ughojor @marypebbles1

mosquitoes photo: Mosquitoes 14E946B6-94EC-4E0C-A2A5-B1D994335A0A.pngIts been a week and some days since my last post but it feels like a life time. There is something about bloggers; there is always a need for them to connect to their readers all the time. That is why I am going to gist you everything that has happened in the last few days even though absolutely NOTHING happened or they are probably not worth your time, but keep in mind Im just trying to tighten our bond ok?
The rainy season has come (something Im happy for) but it also came with a lot of mosquitoes ready to feast on sweet sweet blood. I guess my blood was very sweet because they really fed on me. Though my dad and cousin spray their room with insecticides every night, the annoying lil creatures still found a way to suck on them because we all got malaria at the same time. My brother was always giving us the grin as we lay on our bed sick. He prides himself to be the strong one in the family which I totally disagree with; I mean cmon he is such a lazy fella! He lets me do all the work in the house, so with the stress and mosquito bites, its a sure thing that I fall ill.He and my big cousin have this habit of calling me mommyobviously because I feed their lazy mouth and take care of the house, so I decided to show them what a real mummy could or should do when I scolded them into washing their own dishes after meals. The two grownups sucked for a few days which I turned a blind eye to but they are pretty much doing it all the time now. They have stopped calling me mommy for fear that I would tell them to start washing the bathrooms and toilets. Hehehehe! Life is indeed suweet!Stay around and dont go anywhere o xoxo

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