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A Call !

Posted on the 09 April 2012 by Alka Narula @narulaalka

   A call !
My life you surprised me enough , now tell me what lies beyond the sky .....tell me how beautiful is the world of thy,the mystery of your world,the mysteries of unknown !
I heard a ribbon like road leads to the beautiful world of mystery and lights , tell me if I am wrong , show me if theres another road that leads to thy world , I don't want to go wrong and be there on time !
The mystery of unknown , the mystery of your world I think of most of the time,you tell me now I am waiting for your call..... I have no clothes no valise to carry forward so I wont take much time !
I am getting fervent now, lost my patience want to be thy world that one day I know would be mine for some time till  you decide to be unkind for some more time and give me another life ...but few days of congregation with you in your world will help me go on  next  life !
   I am waiting for your call..please dont take too long to decide to free me from the pain of
   this life  !
   copy right (c)alka narula
   photo credit photobucket

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