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A Cure for the Monday Morning Blues: Horsing Around with Torero & Purple.

Posted on the 22 September 2014 by Horsingaroundinla @HorsingAroundLA

A Cure for the Monday Morning Blues: Horsing Around with Torero & Purple

By Erin

After the crazy heat this week, it was nice to relax a little bit with the horses in these “cooler” 80 degree temperatures over the weekend. They were just as happy as we were for a break from the nasty  100+ degree heat. Especially Purple as the heat made him very sick this past week and he has lost a lot of weight very quickly from it; he didn’t do well with the heat at all. Thankfully it has cooled down and he is getting back to his normal self and eating like a pig again. Now they are all playing, horsing around and back to their silly goofy selves. Torero really thinks he is something special (but I think I’d have to agree with him on that one). Is he funny enough to help cure those Monday Morning blues? What do you think?  ;)


Top Torero attempting to be serious.


This is the REAL Torero though…. ;) Signature  move: his tongue hanging out. He’s so silly.

Top Torero

He’s got a lot of personality! So fun to watch these guys.

Purple Slurple Dirty Boy

Purple going for a good long roll to cool down, and get nice and dirty in the process. Boys will be boys.


A nice bath fixed the dirty problem though… 

PurpleSlurple Green

Bath-time is always okay as long as it’s followed by lots of grazing time to eat grass.

PurpleSlurple Sweet Boy

Still going…. anyone have any lawns they need mowed? Purple will gladly mow your lawn.

TopTorero Naptime

The only thing Monday Mornings are good for… a nap. According to mister Torero. ;)

Happy Monday! :) 

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