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A Late, Lazy One

Posted on the 05 July 2011 by Thesecretlifeofjen

Tuesday, was my usual ‘Terrible Tuesday;) but worse due to the crazy Canberra weather – sleet rain and ridic wind.  Yes, ballet flats made an appearance today, but these were way more waterproof (than last time)!

9-5 class means I spent the majority of the day inside, seated.  And although it was crazy and dark and scary when I left uni, I forced myself to head home, change and get to the gym.  I was expecting the gym to be emptier than usual, but it was packed!  No treadmills free, seriously?!  So I elliptical’d for 30 mins, doing 4km.

Because I am lazy, I can’t be bothered to actually take my BodyMedia armband off and plug it in to my laptop, so I have taken a screenshot of my phone of the bluetooth provided stats – pretty cool huh! A Late, Lazy OneI am really pleased that I managed to get some vigorous acitivity in today.  The calories consumed is prob a bit off, I had to guestimate my lunch today – So I’m assuming that it is actually a bit higher than that.  But 2000 cals burned on a 9-5 class day, I can totally handle that!  :)

A Late, Lazy One A Late, Lazy One

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