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A New Skincare LOVE | Paula’s Choice Resist C15 Super Booster

Posted on the 24 March 2014 by Genzelkisses

Heyah guys!  I’m so excited to talk about my newest skincare product that I love love love!  If you’re a long time follower of my blog, you know that I’m more of a skincare type of person.  Yup!  And I’m thankful for that mind set.  Honestly,  I can go to the mall bare face especially if I’m on a hurry for errands.  Makeup enhances beauty but if you have great skin to begin with, there’s nothing to hide in an almost perfect canvas for makeup.

Remember when I talked about the launch of Paula’s Choice in the Philippines last year October (you can read about it here)?  If you have read that post, I know you were also amazed with the demo of Resist C15 Super Booster Vitamin C on the apple right?  That’s the product that I’ll be reviewing today!  Can you feel my excitement?! ^_^

Paulas Choice - Resist C15 Super Booster - Genzel Kisses Copyright - Photos

Paula’s Choice Resist C15 Super Booster | Deluxe Sample Size

Around first week this month, Paula’s Choice Philippines sent me this deluxe sample bottle of Resist C15.  I got so excited as I’ve been wanting to try it personally.  When I received it, I immediately tried it the next day.

Paulas Choice - Resist C15 Super Booster - Genzel Kisses Copyright - Photos

I believe this bottle is around 3 – 5ml if product and I like that it comes with a dropper.  It’s so easy to use!  I apply it twice a day, morning and evening.  In the morning, I apply it after my toner and moisturizer, then followed by sunscreen.  Based on my research, applying it under sunblock or sunscreen, boosts spf while if you apply it on top of your sunscreen, it dilutes it and lessens spf effectivity.

You can also mix 2 – 3 drops to your moisturizer or you can use it alone, which is what I do.

Paulas Choice - Resist C15 Super Booster - Genzel Kisses Copyright - Photos

Product Information and Ingredients

Active Ingredients:

Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) :  Effectively reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and brightens the skin.  However, Vitamin C becomes unstable when exposed to air that can even lead to oxidation (free radicals).  It can be stabilized when added Vitamin E and Ferulic Acid.

Vitamin E  :  A very popular fat-soluble antioxidant.  When Vitamin C and E work together, they make each other more potent.  Vitamin E prevents C from oxidation and increases its antioxidants.  Together, they also increase protection against UV.

Ferulic Acid  :  potent antioxidant that can be found on plant cell walls.  It can also be used alone. (there are skincare products that focus on Ferulic Acid concentration for the skin).  When added to Vitamin C and E, it doubled skin protection against UV damage

Acetyl Octapeptide- 3 :  This peptide is known to reduce wrinkles due to its cell-communicating abilities.  It helps the skin looks younger and smoother.  If you are afraid of botox and dermal fillers, this is a great alternative.


Paulas Choice - Resist C15 Super Booster - Genzel Kisses Copyright - Photos

Paulas Choice - Resist C15 Super Booster - Genzel Kisses Copyright - Photos

Formulation and How I Use:

It feels so light on the skin.  Most of the serums I’ve tried, they have thick consistency thus applying it last in my skincare routine.  This one is different.  It almost feels like water and very easy to apply.  The only problem I have with it, since it’s easily absorbed by the skin, applying it using my hands (putting a few drops on my fingers then rubbing onto my skin), I feel like the product is already absorbed in my fingers so I directly apply a few drops on my forehead, cheeks, chin, and neck.


Emptied this bottle after almost two weeks of usage.  Please don’t mind my visible pores, it’s my main problem with my skin :D

Actually, my pores has improved (minimized) already as I noticed.

Paulas Choice - Resist C15 Super Booster - Genzel Kisses Copyright - Photos

I’m already saving up for the full size :D



♥  101% Effective on me.  Effectivity of products varies on each person and so far, I’m loving it to bits!

♥  Makes my skin looks younger and incredibly smoother.  I can say that my skin is almost on its perfect state because of adding this to my skincare routine.

♥  Paula Begoun is a well-known expert in her craft, therefore I really trust the brand.  You can read more about Paula’s Choice on my previous post mentioned above.

♥  You can see the effect within a week.  Yes, but I emptied the bottle first and tried it for a few more days to see its potential effect on my skin.

♥  Smells like Vitamin C!

♥  15% of vitamin C on the product is just right for the skin based on my research.

♥  Affordable compared to other high-end products that will give almost the same effect or even lesser.


✿  Only available online for now.  I wish they will also be in malls soon.


☑  Apply under your sunblock or sunscreen to boost spf.

☑  If you’re going to use it in the morning, don’t forget to apply sunscreen with at least SPF 15 or higher.

☑  This might irritate people who have ultra sensitive skin.  You might want to check other Paula’s Choice products that has milder ascorbic acid ingredient.

☑  Based from my experience with this product, I highly recommend it to you guys!

☑  If you know Wayne Goss (gossmakeupartist on Youtube), he has been using Paula’s Choice for freakin’ 14 years of his life!


YES!!! I’m even planning to switch to Paula’s Choice gradually.  Saving up for their products :)


I guess it’s pretty obvious to you my dear readers how I so much love this awesome product and highly recommend it to you.  I have combination to oily skin but I never had any breakout with this.  Most of the time, I experience what they call “purging” stage when trying out new skincare products but I’ve never gone that this time.  I have another Paula’s Choice product to try and review.  Got it last year, October but haven’t touched it yet.  Now I’m very excited to use it for my new routine next month. ;)  Stay tuned!


Once everything is settled, all Paula’s Choice products will also be available in LAZADA Philippines |

Paula’s Choice Philippines Website: |

Paula’s Choice Philippines

Unit 307 3/F AC Rafael Center 8193 Dr. A. Santos Avenue, Paranaque City 1700

(02) 841 04 68 | Fax: (02) 820 71 95

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