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Posted on the 18 April 2012 by Alka Narula @narulaalka
Few lines inspired by samyyyr's (fellow blogger) post  "I stand alone.. "
  sad angel
    Deserted ,
     alone ,
   encircled by darkness ,
  frozen in the chill of this cold night !
  Too scared ,
  to even go close to source of light ,
    no wish to open my sunken eyes !
  Desire to see someone ,
  the drive to do something , 
    the desire to be some one ,
   the asperations , the ambitions
  remain frozen and foiled !
    no one to abet no one to guide ,
     my anguish my plight ,
   who would understand
       the mystery ,
  dont wish to share
    but  hide !
   worn out  
    desire to lie ,
  the will to remain alive now died !
   like a falling droplet from  leaf ,
   like a single leaf on a withered tree,
  I lie
   frozen in darkness and chill of this night !
copy right(c)alka narula
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