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And This Was My Very Weird Morning

Posted on the 31 October 2014 by Cantuccfd @cantuCCFD

And This Was My Very Weird Morning


And This Was My Very Weird Morning


What a difference a day makes. Yesterday: clear blue skies and sun as I drove back from working at station 15 on the island. This morning: Thunder, pouring rain, and an emergency flood alert on my phone wake me as I had passed out on my couch last night. And then came the single weirdest friend request I've ever received on Facebook.

But let me start from the beginning..

And This Was My Very Weird Morning

Yesterday was a typical, chill, kick back first day off. I met up with Brucey Bruce who I hadn't seen in awhile for breakfast after my shift at 15s. Rudy's barbecue breakfast tacos never disappoint. After catching up with him, I got home, played with Guinness, took him for a walk, cleaned up the house a little bit, gave him a bath, ate again, and took a nap. This is pretty much my basic relaxed day off at the house. The easy morning turned to afternoon with me watching a little TV, getting in a quick workout, catching a little Thursday Night Football in the evening, catching up on Ink Master on my DVR, Facetiming with Pamela for awhile, and then at some point, as I mentioned before, falling asleep on my couch to be woken up this morning by one of those ultra loud emergency alerts on your cell phone that every time anyone gets one is always followed by "what the hell?..". I don't know how to spell out this noise so try and imagine a hybrid between an alarm clock and an emergency broadcast signal: *Ehhhnt!* *Ehhhnt!* *Ehhhnt!* followed literally seconds later by the hard come-down of pouring rain, flashes of lightning, loud claps of thunder and of course Guinness on full alert wanting to check out what's going on outside. I opened the back door and Guinness and I took it all in with me assuring Guinness that everything's ok. I like a hard rain. It relaxes me. He normally likes the rain too and likes going out to play in it, but I think the abrupt wake up along with the flashes of lightning and loud thunder had him a little more on alert. He calmed down quick though and we went back to relaxing on the couch, and that's when the morning took a turn for the weird as I noticed the strangest friend request I've ever received on my phone.

And This Was My Very Weird Morning

Take that all in for a second. Normally, of course, I'd see this as an obvious gag from one of the guys at work. Gay. Liberia. Come on. Gotta be a joke, right? So I click on the profile to check it out. Wait a minute.. this is an actual dude. This is an actual dude living in the Ebola capital with my name. He has friends, likes, comments, posts from months ago.. *Ehhhnt!* *Ehhhnt!* *Ehhhnt!* What the hell?

[Ladies and gentlemen, we've just lost cabin pressure].

And This Was My Very Weird MorningAnd This Was My Very Weird MorningAnd This Was My Very Weird MorningAnd This Was My Very Weird Morning

Is that nuts or what? All I can imagine is this guy facebooking along in Leberia, chillin with his laptop and machete, and for whatever reason doing a search on his own name and finding me since the names are alike. I almost want to friend this guy but I'm scared of catching Ebola. Just goes to show you how different the facebook experience is across the globe. On my feed I have girls taking ridiculously angled selfies that strategically catch their butt in the mirror behind them as they get ready to go out and this guy here is fighting the government and Ebola via his laptop and machete. [I don't know why but I just picture this dude with a machete].

And that was my very weird morning. Thunder, rain, emergency alerts, and bizarro world Eric Gaye Cantu. You ever have weird mornings like that?

Yeah.. Me neither.

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