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These Are The Ridiculous Things I Do When I'm Sick

Posted on the 13 November 2014 by Cantuccfd @cantuCCFD

Things I did yesterday while feeling a little under the weather:

  • Blew my nose at least 100 times.
  • Watched a Netflix documentary called "Secrets: The Sphynx" It was about 20 minutes too long. Couldn't finish it.
  • Ate 3 sandwiches all day, all exactly the same, cuz I didn't feel like leaving the house.
  • (I just remembered I did eat one whataburger for dinner). It was delicious, especially after the sandwiches.
  • Fell asleep multiple times on my couch and dreamt the same continuing dream that I had an iPhone 6+ in my hand and wow was it bigger than I had expected.
  • Got sucked in somehow into an online thread listing songs that you didn't know were written about other celebrities which included Justin Timberlake's "Cry Me a River" (about Britney Spears) which I, of course, already knew about but which also listed Britney's "Every Time" which was her musical "I'm sorry" back at Timberlake (which I did not know about).
  • Watched this YouTube video in its entirety as a direct result of the aforementioned online thread. (I seriously did this).
  • And finally watched my Spurs win soundly over the previously 5-1 Golden State Warriors.

Thankfully I'm feeling much better today. And minus that quick blip on the radar of me feeling under the weather i'd say the rest of the week was pretty good too. Oh, and before I forget to mention it:


It's epic and spectacular and you leave feeling as if you've lived an entire lifetime in each character's shoes. And as of riiiiiiiggggghhhhht now it's been added along with Nightcrawler to the "Watch These Movies" list above. (Go see Nightcrawler if you haven't already. If you missed the seriously awesome NSFW trailer i found from my last post click here and scroll down just a bit and watch. It's worth it). I'm on a roll lately with movies. Very happy about that because there was a good streak where I was leaving the theater disappointed. Hate that. As for the rest of my week, here are 3 pictures with which you should create your own epic story around because I'm sure your story may in fact beat my actual reality:

These Are The Ridiculous Things I Do When I'm SickThese Are The Ridiculous Things I Do When I'm SickThese Are The Ridiculous Things I Do When I'm Sick

Seriously, I'd love to hear your 3 picture epic story about my week. Don't be shy. Write your local congressman. He'll forward the messages to me. Promise. Have a great rest of the week.

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