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Autumn and The Spring

Posted on the 03 April 2012 by Alka Narula @narulaalka
     Autumn and The Spring  
    On my knees , I am your patron ,  
       an admirer ,
     hold you in high regard !
   your blessings are my strength !
  I abide by all your rules !
  To move according to your signal is my duty !
     have no wish of mine !
  Will live and die
    the way you want  me to !
   you have all my strings in your hand !
    You own me ,I am yours !
  Which ever path you show is mine !
  I promise to bear
     all the pain you confer on me ,
    with a smile !
  Half way through my journey ,
  I have a question on my mind ,
  hope you wouldn't mind answering with a smile !
   You are a perfectionist ,
   Sun and The Moon ,
  Ocean and The Sea ,
   Autumn and The Spring ,
     every creation of yours
     is a paragon of your perfection ,
   but where did you go wrong
     when you created life  ?
  every soul ,
  every animal ,
     every human being  ,
     though beautiful
      suffers in one or the other form ,
     you are the master crafter ,
     you are the one and only one ,
  who is the master of this theater and this theme ,
    why don't you recede pain ,
   and fill up the empty space with joy ,
     that one seeks !
   truly don't want anything for me ,
    save me from sufferings
   sufferings of others ,watching them
     my heart bleeds !  
copy right (c)alka narula
photo credit i cafe

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