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Bacon for Breakfast - Michael's Hut Style: How Do You Cook/want Your Bacon?

Posted on the 03 August 2019 by Michael David Oyco @MDoyco
Who does not love bacon? Hmmmmm.. Unless that person is on a kind of diet that involves fasting on fat/pork, but most of the time everyone loves it! Well, it comes with a price of course in gaining those fats, cholesterols, and salts all at the same time. I guess it comes with moderation as well. As we say "too much of anything is bad" which applies for generally everything.. But why does this phrase more likely applies with bacon? Let's find out more here

Raw bacon strips

Raw bacon strips

I remember being sick and my weight suddenly dropped because of it. Though I always aim to lose weight, be fit and have regular exercise most of the time but this one was an exemption. I was unhealthily thin. Most of my friends were joking if I was using prohibited drugs then because my eyes were seemingly burrowed on my face having eyebags and all.. I lost my appetite too. But you know what, bacon helped me gain my weight back again in no time. So stomped that it was one of the first cravings of my body after.
So how do I make my bacon meal? Let me share it with you here:

- Bacon strips- Egg(s)- Rice
- Oil
Optional for this version:- Any juice drink you prefer
- 1 cooking/frying pan (for the bacon)- 1 cooking bowl (for the egg)- Kitchen tong- Spoon and fork
- Plate
1. Defrost your bacon strips (if it is stored in the fridge)
2. Put water in the cooking bowl with the egg and heat it for 15 - 20 mins.
3. Ready the frying pan and put a little amount of oil in it
4. Start placing your bacon strips in the frying pan
(wait until you reach your desired bacon color is attained) - Most important part
5. Whichever finishes first (bacon or egg), ready them in the plate with rice
6. Mix the egg yolk with the rice thoroughly [You decide what to do with the egg whites]
[You can make a salted egg rice version too if you want]
7. You are already done if you'll eat this with just water.
Easy breezy right?! Hehe..

How do you like your bacon cooked?

How do you like your bacon? Semi raw, Cooked or Crunchy

I like my bacon most of the time crunchy, though it actually depends on the mood and where I eat them since some restaurants serve them differently.. But yeah, mostly crunchy Haha! Many people call bacon a stress-relieving food, for some a poison (lol), while for others an all-around food.. That is why we have some all-day breakfast food establishments here huh? Well, if you ask me? All of them are true depending on what perspective you are coming from.. But from my personal experience, I can attest that its taste and texture are highly addictive, so yes, eating them in moderation should apply.

Michael's bacon meal

Michael's bacon meal

So how about you, how do you like your bacon? ;)

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